Will of James Irving of Prince Edward Island (c.a. 1790-1860)

Will of James Irving, Jr., Cape Traverse, PEI.

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Liber 6 Folio 70

In the name of God, Amen.

I, James Irving Jun of Cape Traverse in Prince County, Prince Edward Island being sick in body but in a sound state of mind, and not knowing when I am to die, I am desirous of settling all my affairs. In the first place:

I desire that all my debts be paid and then that all my remaining property then be left with my wife Mary Ann during her natural life or as long as she remains unmarried, as my widow subject to such conditions as I will hereafter mention that is that my wife Mary Ann shall have full power to do as she thinks proper with the farm on the north side of the road, on which we now live but it is not to be sold but to be given to my daughter Ann when she comes of age. And I also will that my sister Martha receive the sum of five pounds of lawful current money(of this Island) out of my property, which is to be given her five months after my death. The land that I hold by Lease on the South Side of the road is to be sold and the price to be given to my wife for the benefit of my family, I appoint John Bell Esq. to sell as he best can after the crop is taken off and hand over the proceeds to my wife. I also appoint John Bell Esquire and John Muttart Sen. my Executors and administrators of this my last will and testament to carry out these my last wishes.

The witnesses are now present while I am now signing my name to this my last will and Testament dated this twenty second day of June one thousand eight hundred and sixty.

(signed by) James Irving Jun.

Witnesses present: David Mc Farlane William Brow

This will was proved on the 5 Jul 1860 on the oath of William Brow a witness thereto.

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