Will of John Adams Sr. of Prince Edward Island (1734-1815, New London)

Last Will and Testament of John Adams Sr.

Liber 1 Folio 72

I John Adams Senior of New London on the Island of Prince Edward being of Sound mind Memory and understanding and being at this present time (thanks to the Supreme being) in good health, do make my last Will and Testament as follows; that is to say, in the first place I leave to my dearly Beloved Wife Sarah Adams the whole of my property both real and Personal of what nature or kind soever, and after the decease of my said Wife Sarah Adams I do will and Bequeath to John Adams Jun., William Adams and Richard Adams One hundred Acres of Land each; part of my present possession, and to Mary Vincent, Catherine Murphy, Elizabeth Adams each one hundred acres and to my Son Thomas Adams the possession of my Farm of one hundred acres which I rent to John Cambridge on Lease, the said Elizabeth Adams One Hundred Acres to be adjoining Chappel's Cove; and one hundred acres of Land to my son William Adams and Ann Adams to be equally divided - between them known by the Name of Branders farm at the Forth Pond the said land to be divided by casting Lots except the Land of Elizabeth Adams. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventh day of November 1811.

In the presence of Henry Charlton, Isaac Newton, Chas Page.

John Addams his seal.

Compared with the Original Probate Granted to Sarah Adams the 18th July 1815, on the Oath of Charles Page a Subscribing Witness.

Robert May [Most Likely should read Robert Gray as per other wills of the same period]

Judge of Probate

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