Will of John Blackett of Prince Edward Island (Grand River, -1835)

John Blackett - Lot 56 His last Will and Testament 1835

This indenture made this first day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty-five, between William Cooper, Esquire and Robert Robertson the executors of the last will and testament of John Blackett, deceased , late of Grand River, Farmer for and behalf of his widow Elizabeth and his (g?) son George and his daughters Katherine and Diana of the one part and his oldest son William Blackett of Grand River of the other part.

Witnessed that for and in consideration of the fullfillment of the last will and testament of the late John Blackett and of certain covenants, conditions and agreements herein after reserved, mentioned and contained to be done performed and fulfilled on the part of William Blackett to and with his Mother Elizabeth and his brother George and his sisters Katherine and Diana and also with Robert Robertson and William Cooper the Executors.

They the said William Cooper and Robertson doth deliver to William Blackett all that farm late in the occupation of his father with all the buildings wherever erected and also the stock and crope now on the principles of which an inventory is hereunto annexed and Marked A.

To have and to hold the said farm and stock during the remainder of the lease subject to the following conditions . That is to say William Blackett doth (?) for himself his executors, administrators and assigns covenant promise and agree to and with William Cooper and Robert Robertson for and in behalf of his mother and his brother George and his sisters Katherine and Diana that he will take into his care and trust the leasehold interest of the said farm and all such goods and chattels as the said executors shall give into his charge and will add thereunto all the stock and crope now in his possession to form one joint stock and will manage and cultivate the said farm according to the best of his skills and ability and also will increase the joint stock as far as his powers or the farm will maintain and will support his mother and brother during their lifetime in a condition equal to the manner in which they were supported during the lifetime of his father and also his sisters Katherine and Diana while they or either of them remain with him upon the farm

And the said William Blackett doth further covenant, promise and agree that while his sister or either of them will aid and assist in the cultivation of the farm and in the preservation of the stock as they were accustomed to in their father's lifetime and will work at such husbandry as is customary for females to perform during seed time, hay making and harvest.

And also to milk and attend to the cattle that the said William Blackett will set apart and deliver over to each of his sisters annually in due season as soon as it is practical to do so. A sixth part of the grain, potatoes, vegetables and fruits which is grown on the said farm and also a sixth part of the meat, milk, wool or other proceeds or produce of the said joint stock and also a sixth part of the price for which all hay or fodder shall be sold from off the said farm which said shaver shall be for the support and maintenance of his sisters or either of them during the time they shall so remain and assist in the cultivation of the said farm and the said William Blackett doth attending the same and for the fullfillment of this my last will and testament.

I do hereby appoint William Cooper esquire and Robert Robertson both of Lot 56 to be the executors of this my last will and testament dated at my house this 24th day of August,1835

Signed,sealed and delivered in the presence of Jacob Taylor Jr, Angus Campbell, Archibald Campbell, John Lawless

John Blackett

I certify this to be a true copy - Wm Cooper

An inventory of the late John Blackett as taken on the premises at Grand River 21st November 1835

The lease of `100 acres of land, four horses, six milch cows, one ox, four heifers, three yearlings, forty sheep, fifteen pigs, 2 carts, 2 ploughs, 2 harrows, 3 prs chain traces, 2 hammers, 2 pr tongs, 1 bar flat iron, 3 sleighs, 1 flat boat, 1 herring skif

Crope - 500 bushels potatoes, 2 stacks of wheat, 3stacks of oats, 14 stacks of hay, 2tons of barley, and oat fodder in the barn, empty casks

In the dwelling house

Money L24-16 currency, no books of account but Sunday accounts and receipts, 3 pair blankets and linens, 2 carpets, 1 bed stand, 1 set of mahogany drawers, 1 large looking glass, 6new windsor chairs, 2 old ---------, stools, 2 dale tables, the deceased wearing a -----and silver watch, 1 pit-saw, 1 crop cut, an apartment of carpenters tools, an apartment of cooking utensils, 1 dresser, 36 pieces of crockery, knives, forks and spoons, 10 yards blue homespun cloth, 5 yards mcroikin, 30 pounds of yarn and wool, 1 spinning wheel, 1 sleigh and cart, reins, bridles, breeching, bucketts and tub, and many old articles of little value(many other items listed but illegible)

All which they certify

Wm Cooper

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