The Will of John Cousins (1759-1840, Lot 20)

The Last Will and Testament of John Cousins (1759-1840)
Submitted by Marilyn Clay Adair

The Last Will and Testament of John Cousins (1759-1840)

In the name of God, Amen. I, John Cousins the elder of Township Number Twenty in Queens County, Prince Edward Island, being in perfect health (blefsed be God for the same) but well knowing the uncertainty of this mortal life, Do make this my last Will and Testament in manner following (that is to say) I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary during the term of her natural life in case it shall please God to permit her to survive me, All my Leasehold Lands and property consisting of One Hundred and Fifty Acres with all the buildings and improvements thereon, and the rents and profits arising therefrom. Also all other my personal estate whether of Money, Goods, Stock on the farm, Furniture, Farming Utensils or my other things whatsoever, and from and after the decease of my said dear wife as follows (that is to say) I give devise and bequeath unto my Grandson John Cousins the Eldest son of my son William One Hundred Acres held by me on Lease for Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Years by Indenture executed unto me, on behalf of Mifs Penelope Mafsetts (sic Basset) together with the Indenture of Lease on which said One Hundred Acres my present dwelling house and outhouses are situated.

Also I give and bequeath unto my grandson James Cousins the second son of my son William Fifty Acres held by me under Lease he same above mentioned and laying on the East side of my leasehold, and adjoining to lands held by my son David, To Hold the said two Pieces of Land with the Appurtenances unto my said two grandsons John and James Cousins their Executors Adminstrators and Assigns for and during the remainder of the term above mentioned, subject only to the rents and covenants on the part of the Leafsee, and it is my Will and I do hereby declare that if either of my grandsons John and James shall die before while Minors then the Lands and portion therein devised and bequeathed to such of them so dying shall pafs to the survivor of them.

Also it is my Will and I do hereby declare that at my decease I give devise and bequeath unto my son James my Riding Horse with the Harnisf belonging to same.

And as to all my other Personal estate, goods, chattels whatsoever and wheresoever they may remain at the decease of my said Dear Wife if she shall survive me as aforesaid, or at my own decease if it shall please God that I shall survive her (and after paying thereout as mentioned hereinafter) I give and devise the same unto my Five children, Eliza, John, Alexander, William and David to be divided between them share and share alike, and I do hereby order and direct that my just debts and Funeral Expenses and all arrears of Rent on my Leasehold Property up to the time when my said grandsons, John and James or one of them shall come into possession thereof and it is this my Will shall be paid out of my Money, Goods, Chattels and Effects.

And I do hereby order and desire that my son William and his wife be supported and maintained during their natural lives upon my said Leasehold Property, And I do hereby order and appoint my son James Cousins and Paul Thompson of Lot No Twenty, farmer, the executors of this my Last Will and Testament.

Also it is my desire that the said Executors do look to my grandsons and see them in possession of my Leasehold Property and in case that my son William should die while my grandsons are Minors it is my will that the said executors do manage for them in the way they see proper. In Witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Fifteenth Day of August in the year of Our Blefsed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ one thousand and Eight Hundred and Thirty Two.

Signed, Sealed Delivered
Published and Declared as and for
the last Will and Testament of the Testator
in the presence of
'Paul Thompson' 'William Cundall'
'Wm. Mann'

"John Cousins"

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