The Will of John Ford (1814-1868, Winsloe Road)

Will of John Ford [about 1814 - 13 Dec 1868]

The Estate of John Ford -

I John Ford Senior residing on Winsloe Road Lot 32 in Queens County Prince Edward Island being ill and threatened by death but of sound mind & memory do on this the twelfth day of December one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight declare this my last will and Testament.

First I give to my son John all the one hundred acres of land farther upon this road in Lot 33 in the following manner. He shall give to my beloved wife Mary one third of two years crop in stock of grain and hay. Pay my daughter Ann the sum of fifty pounds P.E.I. currency and to my daughter Grace one hundred pounds P.E.I. currency pay ten pounds in fall of 1871 twenty pounds in 1872 and twenty pounds in 1873 all these fifty pounds to be paid to Ann and twenty pounds a year after that to Grace until she has received the full amount of one hundred pounds. If my son John be at or about the end of ten years without leaving a child his wife if he has one shall leave the house and 25 Twenty five acres of land for her own use without any claim on her. If my son die as above stated leaving a family thus his family shall have fifty acres of the land house and out buildings and in either case the 50 on the 75 acres not claimed by my sons widow or family shall be equally divided between my daughters Ann, Grace and my sons Cephas & George Henry.

Second I give to my daughter Ann, beside the fifty pounds at ? Shall come from the farm fifty pounds ? Nearly due which 50 shall be hers as soon as paid, thus my two daughters to have 100 each.

Third I give to my son Cephas all that fifty two acres of land on Glasgow Road in Lot 24 to have and to hold after he is 21 years of age to have and to hold his heirs & assigns forever.

Fourth I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary (after John my son has taken the young ?, two cows & two sheep, and Ann has taken her cow). All my cattle of every kind farming utensils household furniture, all monies due me by notes & mortgages & otherwise owed and except the fifty pounds given to Ann, with the use of 50 acres on Glasgow Road until Cephas is of age and all this on which we live, until her death, unless she cease to be my widow by marrying again. If she gets married again, she shall forfeit all claim on my property of any kind except the best cow on the farm and all the household furniture.

With the fullest confidence that my beloved wife would do her best for the good of my dear children I appoint her my Executor, to manage all my worldly affairs respecting the family.

And I appoint Samuel Boundy of Glasgow Road and James Sanders Junior to be guardians of my young family.

Another thought my son John shall bring all that scanlting? Known about by my wife & have on this place for his mothers use.

I witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 12 day of December in year of Lord one thousand eight hundred & sixty eight

signed John Ford

The above instrument was at date thereof signed by said John Ford Senior as, and for his last will & testament in presences of us who at his request and in his presence, and in presence of each other have subscribed our names as attending witnesses
Signed John Chapple
John Boundy

This will was proved on the 5th January 1869, on the oath of Rev. John Chapple, a subscribing witness.

Charles Young
Judge of Probate

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