Will of John Moynagh of Prince Edward Island (- aft. 1883, St. Peters Road)


March 13, 1883 In the name of God Amen

I John Moynagh of 35 being very sick and weak of body but prefect of mind and understanding Knowing that all men once must die. Therefore what ever wealth it has pleased the Amighty God to favor me with on this world I do dispose of it in the following manner.

1 I bequeath my soul to God

2 I do hereby bequeath to my wife Mary Moynagh 50 acres of land fronting on St. Peters Road being my old homestead and at her death to become the property of my son John Moynagh.

3 I bequeath unto my son John Moynagh my right and title of my half of the farm formerly occupied by the deceased Brian McKenna. I do like wise make over whatever claim I have on the deceased Walter Lannen to my son John Moynagh. I bequeath to my son John Moynagh two horses, one mare, and a colt. together with all the farming implements on the premise. I likewise bequeath to my son John Moynagh, all claims that I have against any person or persons which I empower him to collect.

4 I bequeath to my lawful wife Mary Moynagh twelve head of cattle and thirteen sheep, during her life and at her death to become the property of my son John Moynagh with the exception of one cow which I bequeath to my daughter Mary.

5 I bequeath to my Daughter Susan Moynagh three hundred dollars to be paid to her by instalments no instalment to become due until I am two years dead. Then one hundred dollars a year to be paid to the said Susan Moynagh for three years which makes the three hundred dollars. and as long as said Susan Moynagh stays at home and remains unmarried she is to get her bed and board and her privilege in the house as usual, and do hereby allow my wife the same as I do my Daughter Susan-- Bed and Board and all privileges.

6 I bequeath to my Daughter Catherine now Mrs. McLean ten dollars

7 I bequeath to my daughter Margaret ten dollars.

8 I bequeath to my son Patrick Moynagh one hundred dollars admitting that he comes to island and demands the afore said hundred dollars.

This being my last will and testament.

John Moynagh

signed in the presence of
Robert Crane
John Coruis

submitted by Virginia Price

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