Will of John O'Farrell of Prince Edward Island (Rosehill, 1844-1911)

Will of John O’Farrell, Lot 16 (1844 - 1911)

I, John O'Farrell, Farmer, of Rosehill, Lot Sixteen, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, do make this my last will and testament.

I bequeath to my wife for her support during her lifetime that portion of my property on the West side of Lot Sixteen Road, being bounded on the front by said Sixteen Road and South by McLeod's heirs and North by James O'Farrell's line running back West a distance of twenty chains, containing about Thirty-Two Acres more or less; together with buildings thereon. This portion of my property is to be for her support for her life and unless she again marries and in case she should marry, or at her death, this part of my property is to revert to my estate as hereinafter stated.

To the either of my sons who chooses to remain home and assist his mother, I leave the balance of my farm on the Western side of Lot Sixteen Road, containing sixth-eight acres more or less. The son who takes this part of the property is to cultivate his mother's share for her and maintain her as she was accustomed during her life. My sister, Mrs Margaret Lecky is to have the same maintenance and any of my daughters are to have a home with their mother as long as they choose to stay. Particularly do I charge the son who received this part of the property, the care of his mother, aunt and sisters in assisting at Church and during sickness, providing medical attendance if necessary.

At the death of my wife or in the case she should remarry, all the property left to her reverts to my estate and becomes the property of the son who has received this part and assisted his mother.

To the son who did not remain with his mother, I leave that part of my farm on the East side of the Lot Sixteen Road consisting of about ten acres more or less. The two boys are to come to an agreement between themselves as to who shall stay in the homestead with his mother and in the case the one who received this ten acres shall desire to sell it, it is my desire that his brother shall purchase it.

To my daughter, Annie Pearl, I leave the sum of one hundred dollars, and to my daughter Margaret Lila, I also leave the sum of one hundred dollars, these sums are to be paid to them by the son who succeed to the homestead at any time he may choose to do so but at least at their marriage. As before said they are to have a home in the old place as long as they remain.

All the farm implements go with the farm and thence to the son who succeeds to the homestead; the livestock also goes with the farm except two year old horse "Guard" which I leave to my wife. I also leave to my wife any personal property of money possessed by me at my death or any monies due me at death.

Joseph Lecky and Joseph Lauchlin, Executors Dated 23 of February, 1911

Signed Martin Monaghan
Signed Ambrose Farrell
Signed John O'Farrell

Proved 13 May 1911, Fyled and Registered 13 May 1911 Probate Granted same day.

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