Will of Martin Reid of Lot 34, Prince Edward Island

Will of Martin Reid of Lot 34

Liber 7 Folio 417

In the name of God. Amen

I Martin Reid of Lot Thirty-four (34) Farmer Do make this my last will and Testament as follows that is to say To my beloved wife Bridget reid I bequeath all that I am now in possession of To say - (181) One hundred and eighty one acres of land all my Stock farming utensils and household furniture which are to be devided as follows That is to say my Son James shall receive (96) nintey six acres of land and the present house and out offices [?] and to Martin when he becomes the age of (21) Twenty one shall receive eithty-four acres of land in the rear of this [illegible] Farm A House and Barn four Cows and one horse.

To by beloved wife Bridget I bequeath the management of the old farm for the term of her natural life. My Son Thomas is to receive twelve months schooling and then to be sent to learn a trade. And is also to be clothed during his apprenticeship he is also to receive at the expiration of his apprenticeship the sum of twenty pounds, to be paid in installments of five pounds yearly by each of his brothers James and Martin providing he serves his apprenticeship to the satisfaction of my Executors. To my daughter Ellen I will and bequeath two Cows, four sheep and the sum of twenty pounds (20) the aforesaid twenty poinds I require [?] my Son Richard to pay in four yearly installments from this date in the event of her dying before the expiration of the time before specified nothing shall be required of him to pay. To my Son John in the event of his being out of employment or in sickness I require [?] that he shall at on all occasions have a home at on either of the three [?] farms Richard's James and Martin's and he is also to receive from my Son Richard two acres of land on the north line[?] boundary to the shore, adjoining Mrs. McDonald's line. It is my wish that all my Estate to be at all times in the possession of any of my family or their descendants by the name of Reid and I hereby require that my Executors see that the same is carried into effect. I also will to my Son Richard the Farm of which he has now possession and the lease to be handed him by my Executors when [?] he complies with the terms within specified with regard to my daughter Ellen.

I nominate and appoint the Rev. Thomas Phelan, P.P. of ChTown and my brother James Reid, Merchant of ChTown P.E. Island to carry this my last will into execution. In witness I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty seventh day April A.D. 1857.

Martin Reid - his mark

Signed sealed published and declared as his last will and Testament by the Testator who executed the same in our presence. And we in the Presence of each other hereunto subscribe [?] our

Witness Present
        Rich Ber'd Reid
        James McQuaid (his mark)

This will was proved on the 5th March 1868 in the [illegible] of Richard Ber'd Reid subscribing witness

J. Charles Young [?]
Judge of Probate

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