The Obligation of Michel Haché-Gallant's Children (1662-1737)

The Obligation of Michel Haché-Gallant's Children (1662-1737) - not exactly a will, but an interesting document… Anyone know the legal name of this type of declaration?

Obligation to pay annual pension of 10 pounds for everyone of the children

"This 17th day of November 1736, in the presence of Father Angélique Collin, "Récolet" (a Franciscan monk) from the province of Bretagne, missionary and Chaplain for the King at La Joye harbour in the Saint-Jean Island, Québec bishopric, acting as the parish priest in this city/town, since there was no Notary to pass the act between Michel Haché and Anne Cormier his wife on the one part and his children on the other part, hereafter named Michel Haché, Joseph Haché, Marie Haché‚ spouse of René Rassicot, Baptiste Haché, Charles Haché, Pierre Haché, Marguerite Haché spouse of Pierre Jacquemin, François Haché, Jacques Haché, Louise Haché spouse of Louis Belliveau, Marie-Madeleine Haché spouse of Pierre Duval, who agree to the following: to be known that every above mentioned children agree and are compelled to give to everyone of their parents, their father and their mother, for the rest of their life, the sum of 10 pounds every year effective today.

They also relinquish their rights to the appropriation of their father's and mother's succession after their death. The father and/or the mother are free to give their property/goods/fortune forever to the child of their choice if they judge he/she deserve it. Herewith, the children who know how to write have signed in the presence of Phillipe Le Neuf, Knight, Lord de Beaubassin, ensign of a detached Navy company and in the presence of Charles Boudrot, Ship's Captain of the Beaubassin's Lord who signed as witnesses (signed) Michel Haché, Joseph Haché."

"Once more, Michel Haché, his wife Anne Cormier and their children have agreed that if one of their parents dies, the children will only have to pay half of the 10 pounds to which they have agreed to above.

Herewith, they have signed as above: Michel Haché, Joseph Haché, Marques de René Rassicot, Baptiste Haché, Jacques Haché, Pierre Haché, Marguerite Haché-Jacquemin."

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