Will of Michael Mullin of Prince Edward Island ( - 1884, Lot 19)

Michael Mullen: Obituary, Charlottetown Herald, 9 Jan 1884

"At his residence, Kensington, Lot 19, on the second inst., after a lingering illness, which he bore with Christian resignation to the Divine Will, Michael Mullin in the 86th year of his age. Deceased was a native of County Tyrone, Ireland, from whence he emigrated to this Island in the year 1835. He was among the early pioneers who settled in Prince County, and lived to enjoy to his old age, the respect and esteem of the whole community, and the fruits of his thrift and industry. He was followed to his last resting place by one of the largest funerals that ever passed through Kensington. May his soul rest in peace."

Michael Mullen (also Mullin) was predeceased by his wife, Ann McCarron. The Island Magazine, No. 20, Fall-Winter 1986, in A Prince Edward Island Repeal List for 1843, by Terrence Punch, lists Michael Mullin and his son Peter as coming from Monaghan County.

The Last Will and Testament of Michael Mullin

Liber 10 Folio 581

Know all men by these presents that I, Michael Mullin of Township No. Nineteen, in a sound and disposing state of mind, make this my last will and testament.

I give, devise and bequeath my estate and property, real and personal, as follows, that is to say:

1st To my son, John T. Mullin, all my property in Lot Nineteen, less twelve and a half acres, also my stock and chattels about my premises, subject to five hundred dollars each to be paid to the oldest sons of my son John T. Mullin when they come to that age of twenty-one years.

2nd I bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth McMillan twelve and a half acres of land joining land now in the possession of Martin Condon.

3rd I bequeath to my daughter Ann McNally one third of the lot of land which she resides on at present in Summerside, subject to one hundred dollars to be paid to me or my executors and the remaining two thirds of the lot to be sold by my executors at auction (to) the best advantage and divided equally between Bridget Lambe and Mary Kelly, my daughters, and Patrick Mullin, my son.

4th I bequeath to Patrick Mullin, my son or his heirs, the sum of one hundred dollars to be paid to him by John T. Mullin, my son, twelve months after my death.

5th I bequeath to Susan Smith, my daughter, one hundred dollars to be paid to her by John T. Mullin my son, out of cash funds if there is any; if paid by me before my death, this section to be null and void.

6th I bequeath to my son Peter Mullin the sum of five dollars to be paid by my son John T. Mullin out of my cash funds.

I appoint Robert Crozier, Farmer of Township No. 18, and John T. Mullin, Farmer of Lot 19, my executors of this will.

I witness whereof, I have signed and sealed and published and declared this instrument as my will.

Kensington, Lot 19, Prince County, P.E.I. Signed:

Michael Mullin

March 23, 1883

The said Michael Mullin at said place and on said day signed and sealed this instrument and published and declared the same as and for his last will and we at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto written our names as subscribing witness....

Stephen MacMillan and John Burke

March 23, 1883

This will was proved on the fifteenth day of January, 1884 on the oath of Stephen McMillan
January 18, 1884 probate granted to John T. Mullin
signed: Charles Young.

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