Will of Patrick Furlong of Lot 34, Prince Edward Island

Will of Patrick Furlong

In the name of God Amen

I Patrick Furlong of Lot Thirty four (34) Prince Edward Island being of a sound and disposing mind and good memory make this my last will and Testament with regard to my Property as follows.

I hereby give and bequeath to my wife during her life time all my rights title and interest in and to my Farm in this Lot also the farm in lease hold from the Montgomeries [sic] Stock and agricultural implements and grain or other crops also the household furniture beds and bedding and debts and all whatever else that shall belong to me at the time of my death.

I also give and bequeath to my Son James his heirs executors or assigns at the time of my wifes death all the above mentioned property and effects provided he fulfils the following conditions

I My wife and Son James are to pay all my lawful and just debts at the time of my death. My Son James is to have the entire management of the farm and my wife the sole management of the household affairs.

II I also enjoin on my Son James that my son Lawrence and my three unmarried daughters Bridget, Margaret and Catherine are to have a Home in the house of my wife and said Son as long as they remain unmarried and they conduct themselves in a proper and becoming manner and they shall also assist and work about the f]place as they have been accustomed to do during my life also my aforesaid Son Lawrence and my dsaid three daughters Bridget Margaret and Catherine be provided with suitable clothing and board. They are also to be allowed to earn for themselves whatever money they can provided that their labor is not required by their brother James. I also will and do hereby enjoin that my wife and said Son James assist my Son Lawrence and my three above mentioned daughters as much as [illegible] in their power without hurting themselves.

I hereby give and bequeath to my Son Thomas and my daughter Mary Ann the sum of one shilling currency to each as I have during my lifetime done as much for them as was in my power.

And further, I hereby constitute and appoint my Son James and my wife sole Executors of this my last will and Testament in the full assurance that they will do what is right and just in fulfilling my will and desire.

In witness whereof I have unto set my hand and seal on this the first day of February in the year of the Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight in presence of the subscribing witnesses.

The mark of Patrick Furlong

Witness - Isaac Thompson
        William J. Thompson

This will was proved on 4th August 1868 in the [illegible] of Isaac Thompson, a subscribing witness

Charles Irving [?]
Judge of Probate

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