The Will of Patrick Murphy, (-1874, Lot 65)

Will of Patrick Murphy, (-1874, Lot 65)

Farmer, Township 65, Queens County, Prince Edward Island.

Filed Sept. 1, 1874

I, Patrick Murphy, Farmer Township No. sixty five Queens County Prince Edward Island being of sound mind and memory thanks be to God, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form I give and bequeath to my adopted son John Murphy the farm now in my possession that I hold by deed thirty seven acres and a half less one acre. Subject to the following conditions legacys, that is to say my aforesaid son John to pay 357 three hundred and fifty seven dollars in three instalments. within three years in six months after my death. the aforesaid money to be paid to my executors for the benefit of my daughter Nancy. my daughter Nancy to be paid the interest of the aforesaid 354 three hundred and fiffty seven dollars once a year. after the money comes due and part of the princpal if my executors thinks she requires it. and my aforesaid son John to remove the dwelling house that I now live in to the south east corner of my farm. and my daughter Nancy to have one acre of land and the dwelling house for her own use and benefit. and her heirs and assignd. and I bequeath to my son Francies two notes of paid amounting to the sum of ten pounds ten shilling the are now in my possession and one dollar in money. I leave to my son Patrick one dollar in money. And I bequeath to my daughter Mary one dollar in money. and I leave and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah all the money cattle sheep pigs horses farm implements outstanding debts household furniture and all other things that may belong to me after my death. and after all my just debts are paid. my will further is should my wife not require all the money and things I leave. my executors will divide it as follows. to my son Patrick 20 twenty dollars. and to my adopted son John twenty dollars. and to my daughter Mary thirty dollars or to each of them in proportion to what is left. that is to say Patrick John and Mary and I do appoint James Wyine Patrick Macmanus and Thomas Wyine to be my executors of this my last will and testament. and do wish my executors to see that all money and things left to my wife be aplyed for her own use and benefit.

In witness I have hereunto set my hand signed this sixth day of November 1873.

Patrick Murphy (his mark)
Sarah Murphy (her mark)

Witness: John McKaig senr
Patrick M Caffray

P.E. Island

In the Probate Court
38 vic AD1874

The foregoing will having been presented for probate Patrick McCaffray of the aforesaid Island Farmer One of the subscribing witnesses hereto made oath that he was present and did see the testator sign his name by putting his mark hereto and heard him publish and declare the same as and for his last will and testament that when Testator did he was of sound disposing mind and memory according to this deponent best discerning that he subscribed his name as a witness hereto in the presence of Testator and then John McKaig Senr subscribed his name as a witness hereto at the same time.

Sworn to at Chambers
This 1 day of September
AD1874 before me

G Hubbard

Patrick McCaffrey

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