Will of Patrick Ryan of Prince Edward Island (-1881)

Will of Patrick Ryan of Prince Edward Island (-1881)

Liber 17 Folio 234

It is known that Patrick Ryan bought 106 acres on the Grand River Rd. near Cardigan PEI in 1861, eventually paying off the debt by 1863, according to the Township Ledger for this period. He also ended up with about 150 acres straddling the Launching Rd., again in Cardigan. An old map of the area shows this land as partially in the hands of William Dougan, Patrick Ryan and another name. With Patrick's eventual wife being Catherine Duggan/Dougan, it is not too much of a reach to assume that he eventually inherited through his wife from his father-in-law William. In fact, there is a William Dougan buried beside Catherine in the Georgetown Cemetery. It is unknown whether Patrick married Catherine in PEI or was already married to her when he arrived. It would appear that Patrick was a very successful farmer with somewhere around 250 acres to his credit in the 1861 - 1880 period. By 1881, all these lands were, if not owned by his sons, at least run and lived on by them. What we do know of Patrick is mostly derived from his will which follows. Spelling is as near as possible to the original text. Where some question exists, words are flagged with (sp).

In The Name Of God Amen

I, Patrick Ryan of Lot or Township No. 53 in Kings County Prince Edward Island, being through the goodness of Almighty God, of sound mind and memory, but being aware of the uncertainty of human life, do make publish and declare this my last will and testament - That is to say- First I recommend my Soul to God who gave it and Desire that my body may be decently buried in a roman Cathlock cemetery at Georgetown. With respect to my Worldly Estate I give bequeath and dispose of it in the following Manner. After all my just and lawful debts are paid and discharged.

First I give and bequeath to my son Patrick one half of my Block of Land which is described as follows bounded by Cardigan River on the South and Land in possession of Edward Redmond on the West and by land formerly in possession of Peter Cavondich (sp) on the North and Land in possession of Michael Foley on the East, said Patrick Ryan my son to have the eastern half of said property and William Ryan my son is to have the Western half of said property to be equally divided from the Cardigan River to the Back or Northern line. I also Give my son John my farm on Grand River Road, I also order and will that my three sons aforesaid pay to my son Stephen three hundred and twenty five 50/100 dollars to be paid him in the following manner he is to receive $130.00 on demand one half the remainder in ten months from date and the other half in thirty two months from date hereoff I also give my son Stephen five sheep and one cow.

I also order that Patrick and William are to have the prevlige of taking there firewood of Grand River road farm and Patrick is to have the prevlege of taking scantling & shingle wood for a house of said Grand river road farm: All the residue of Stock is to be divided Equally between Patrick William and John except horses William is to have 2 horses Patrick one and John one William is to geat the Sengel Wagon & Harness and Patrick the double Wagon and Janting Sleigh and harness and roabs : John is to have one cart and Harness and Patrick and William is to have the residue of the farming implements equley devided between them except I Will that my Daughter Bridget geat a Cow and three Sheep and to my Daughter Cathren I will one Cow and three sheep also. I will to my daughter Mary one dollar to be paid on demand be it also understood that the division line between the lands I have willed to my sons Patrick and William shall commence at a stake sit on the North side of Launching road by Surveyor Campbell about two years ago run of parallel lines each way on North and South . And lastly I do nominate and appoint my Respected frands James E, McDonald and Hugh L. McDonald of Cardigan Bridge as the executors of this my last will and testament, In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 4th day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Seventy nine.

Patrick X Ryan

His mark

now hereunto subscribed by Patrick Ryan the testator in presence of each of us was at the same declared by him to be his last Will and testament: and we at his request signed our names hereto as attesting Witnesses:

(Signed) Robert Quinn
( " ) Michael Quinn

This Will Admitted to Probate on the 14th day of March 1907 on the Oath of James Quinn who proved the signatures of both witnesses who were dead.

As certified by R Reddin (sp) Judge Probate.

It is believed that Patrick was the first Ryan in our line to arrive in PEI and it is speculated that he was born in and came from Tipperary, Ireland. As noted in the will above he wished to be and is likely buried in Georgetown. The will does not list his death date, however it was proved in 1907. It is believed that he is buried with Catherine in Georgetown. Catherine's name appears on a broken marker of sufficient size to have included Patrick.

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