Will of Patrick Walsh of Prince Edward Island (1842-1902, North Tryon)

The Last Will and Testament of Patrick Walsh (1842 -1902, North Tryon) b. Mar 20, 1842, d. Apr 17. 1902)

Liber 16 Folio 3

In the Name of God Amen

I Patrick Walsh of North Tryon, Prince County, Lot 28, farmer in this my last will and Testamonty I hereby will and Bequeath to my son Frederick Thirty-eight acres of land Known as the Callbeck Place being on the North side of the Line Road Bounded on the west side of land owned by Michel McEwen and now by his son Albert.

I also Bequeth to the above named son Frederick Walsh Ten acres of land of the North end of the farm That I now live on being one hundred acres of land running north esterly corse till it strikes John B. Schreenans side line the 10 acres is to come of the end along Schreenanís land.

I also bequeth him A young horse 3 years old and one cow and my son Fred is have no more controle over any of my remaining land or chattels or my wife or children he is to do for him self.

The remaining portan of my land I bequeth to my wife Mary Walsh being ninty acres. She is to have full control ove the same during her life time and after her Deth it shall go to my two youngest sons Sampson & Freeman and if my wife should marry Another man she shall forfit all her rite to any of my estate.

I bequeth to my son William S. Walsh 50 fifty Dollars. I bequeth to my son Thomas Walsh fifty dollars.

I bequeth to my son John James Walsh twenty five Dollars.

I bequeth to my daughter Susan twenty Dollars and she is to have A home in my house as long as she lives with her mother and all my children is to have A home in my house as long as the are good to theire Mother. Susan is to get her clothing and A Cow when she gets married. My daughter Mary she is to get twenty Dollars if she comes to live to the iland.

I bequeth to my daughter Delilah ten Dollars. My stock is to be kept in the Place for to support my family and wife and To be put to the best use and purpos as is required.

I request that all of my lawfull Debts shall be pade out of my estate and all amounts Due me is to be Pade to my wife.

I hereby appoint my Wife Mary Walsh to be my executor To this my last will and testamony. All my machinery and implements is to be kept on the Place.

Dated at North Tryon Oct. 19, 1901.

To this I sat my hand and sele in presence of Witness:

William Pratt Patrick Walsh his Signature
Ann X Pratt her mark

This will was proved on the 12th day of May 1902
n the Oath of William Pratt one of the subscribing
witnesses hereto before commisioner.

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