Will of Peter Jennings of Prince Edward Island (- 1843, Portage)

Memorandum of the verbal Will of Peter Jennings January 23,1843

It is my will that my son James get and posess 50 acres of my farm when he and his mother cannot sort together, or when he may find it necessary to marry. That is the 50 acres next to Carmichaels Farm-leaving all the houses? to his mother and the other 50 during her life - and that James assist her to put in the crop and take it out and that James got the half of the cattle at the time that the aforesaid division take place.

It is my will that one cow be given to my daughter Elen - and that 10 pounds be given to each of my other daughters vir.( or Vir. Margaret?), Margaret, Hanna, Mary , Catherine - and Biddy - that is 50 pounds - and that after my wifes death my son James posess all my land provided he pay my daughters their own part--

Peter Jennings

These words were said in our presence:
George Hughes
Bernard Jennings (his X-mark)

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