Will of Robert Clements of Prince Edward Island (1801-1869, Charlottetown)

Will of Robert Clements, b. 1801 Devonshire, Eng. d. 1869 PEI

Liber 8 Folio 34

I Robert Clements of Fitzroy Street in the city of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island being of sound mind, do, in the fear of God on this 11th day of November in the year of our Lord 1868 make this my last will and Testament.

I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Elizabeth, all that western part or portion of my house situated and being in Fitzroy Street City of Charlottetown P.E.I., consisting of eight rooms and also the western half of the land, in the rear of the aforesaid portion of the house with all the buildings therein, and all and every thing whatsoever, there to appertaining and belonging together with the right of a carriage way from either concourse from the street, through the eastern portion of the land at the rear of the hereafter mentioned eastern portion of my house, to be freely used as needed by her. Each every and all the foregoing to be by her possessed? and enjoyed while she remains a widow. But when her ceasing to be a widow, or at her death, in either case the above named and described property shall become the property of my Son Samuel when he becomes of age. And should he, Samuel, die before his mother my wife Elizabeth, then, at the death of my wife Elizabeth, or if she ceases to remain a widow, in either case, the above, recited property shall fall to and become the property of my son Francis.

I also give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth, for her own use and benefit, during her natural life, the Interest of two hundred pounds P.E.I. currency which said 200 is now held on interest by Samuel Boundy, and further should any unforeseen necessity arise, she is also hereby permitted to use a portion of the principal above named.

At the death of my wife Elizabeth, the above named 200, or what may remain shall be the property of my Son Samuel under the control of the Executor until he become of age as will also the above named and described property vis.? portion of house, land and carriageway, for his use, his heirs and assigns forever. Should both my wife Elizabeth and my Son Samuel, die before Samuel is of age than the above named 200, or what may remain thereof shall be divided in equal portions, as follows, one fourth to my Son Francis, one forth to my Son Robert's children (now born) one fourth to my daughter Mary Ann's Children now born and one fourth to the children of Samuel Boundy farmer Glasgow Road.

I also give and bequeath to my beloved Son Francis all that eastern part or portion of my house situated and being in Fitzroy Street, Charlottetown containing four rooms with the corral in the rear of said portion, and the buildings therein subject always to the carriage right of way hence before mentioned and described and he shall have the right of possession six months from the date of my death but he shall keep said property in repair and pay my wife Elizabeth 5 a year during her natural life and while she remains a widow and should she marry or die before Samuel's of age then said 5 a year shall be paid, to my son Samuel until he be of age.

This shall be Francis's portion of property for himself and heir forever. I also give to my son Francis the sum of 20 P.E.I. currency.

I also give and bequeath to my son Robert now residing in Charlottetown and my daughter Mary Ann now residing at or near Port Hill P.E.I. the sum of 40 P.E.I. currency. These last named sums 40 to be paid twelve months from the date of my death.

And I further decree that after my henceafter named Executors shall have paid the above or before mentioned 40 to the respective persons named, and entitled, ______, and discharged my funeral expenses and all other expenses incurred in settling my affairs in a legal manner. Then the ______ of all property secured to me by note of hand or otherwise or owned by me, shall be paid into the hands of my wife Elizabeth for her own use, and in providing for and educating my son Samuel and in the event of her death I will that the Rent of said western portion of house, and the interest of said 200 during Samuel's minority be paid to Samuel Boundy, above named, for the purpose of providing for, and educating my son Samuel, should he comply with my request in taking charge of and caring for the Lad, and may that merciful God who comforts me in the ______ of Death command his rich blessing on my Family and fill their minds with peace, Amen.

I do hereby appoint Mr. Samuel Boundy of Glasgow Road and Mr. Joseph Knight of Charlottetown my Executors, and Guardians of my Son Samuel.

Witness my hand and Seal
The day and date above written

Robert X Clements

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