Will and Obituary of Robert Vesey of Prince Edward Island (ca. 1791-1874, Little York)

The Obituary of Robert Vesey

Excerpt from a booklet produced by York United Church entitled "Marking 150 Years of Worship on this Site 1824-1974" 

"It is disappointing to family tree researchers that it was not until the late eighteen hundreds that obituaries began to contain any reference to family history. Earlier ones deal only with the deceased's spiritual life as the following example will indicate. This death notice is copied from 'The Island Argus' newspaper, dated Tuesday, November 24, 1874:

Died at Little York on the 22nd of October, 1874 Mr. Robert Vesey in the 84th year of his age. He was a native of Yorkshire, England; emmigrated to this island in 1819, and settled at Little York where he resided until death.

The date of his conversion we know not, but of the fact his life in the land of his adoption furnished the most pleasing and desirable evidence. His earliest class ticket bears the date 1816. He was therefore 58 years a member of the Methodist Church, for several years filled the office of class leader with great acceptance. He was also a faithful trustee of the church. A true friend of Methodism he took a deep interest in all her enterprises. His hospitable dwelling was often the temporary abode of Wesleyan and other ministers whom he esteemed very highly in love for their work's sake. In him the grace of God was manifested. Ardent in feeling, he hesitated not when engaged in devotional exercise to shout aloud the Yorkshire "Amen." Would to God they were heard more frequently in this day of 'religious stillness'. An occasional storm is better than a dead calm. During the last year he was unable to leave his house. His memory became impaired....... Not long before he died, while apparently slumbering, he suddenly cried out: "Oh, it is a great salvation to save a sinner like me. I am happy!" Thus peacefully passed away one of the first members of our society in that place."


An obit. Like those typical of the time, even though it may amuse modern readers. This one is relatively mild when compared with some others in the 'Protestant & Evangelical Witness' newspapers in the 1860's (See files in the Confederation Archives).


Liber 8 Folio 738

This is the last will and testament of me, Robert Vesey of Little York Lot 34 yeoman in manner and form. Following that is to say firstly I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth the sum of 200 in case I do not pay her that sum before my dicease in addition to what she may further receive as hereinafter is provided. To my son Soloman I give and bequeath the sum of 100 in case of my not paying that sum to him before my dicease also in addition to such further sum as he shall or may receive as hereinafter is provided. To my son John I give and bequeath the sum of 300 to be appropriated as hereinafter is provided and it is my further will and pleasure that as soon as conveniently may be after my dicease my executor hereinafterwards do and shall sell and dispose of for the best price or prices that can be had or gotten for the same, the freehold estated property belonging to me now in my occupancy together with the farm stock thereon and all my goods and chattels and that the proceeds thereof be distributed and apportioned equally share and share alike between my said daughter Elizabeth and my said sons Solomon and John and George my further will being that my said son George shall have and take the charge and maintenance of his brother John after my dicease and that the 300 bequeathed to his said brother together with his proportion of the proceeds of my real and personal property be by my said son George placed in trust and that the said principal money and accruing interest thereof be from time to time applied to and apportioned to the maintenance and support of my said son John. My further will is that the furniture in the parlour shall after my dicease belong to and become the property of my said daughter Elizabeth nominally and appointing my said son George and my son Thomas to be the executor of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I the said Robert Vesey have hereunto set affixed my hand and seal the 13th day of April in the year 1869.

Signed sealed

(Sig) W.B. Morrison)
(sig) G. _______)

Sig) Robert Vesey



A codicil to be added to my former part of this the last will and testament of me the within named Robert Vesey whereas I the said Robert Vesey am the proprietor of and have 20 shares in Union Bank of PEI which is my will and shall after my discease be disposed of as follows viz. such 20 shares in the Union Bank of PEI to be taken possession of my son George and appropriated by him equally between himself and my son Thomas Richard and John and my daughter Elizabeth and my further will is that whatever debts and monies belonging to me at my discease remain uncollected the same to be collected by my executors before named and applied and apportioned equally to and amongst my said sons and daughter above named. In witness whereof the said Robert Vesey have to this codicil set my hand and seal the 10th day of March a.d. 1871.

Signed sealed

G. Stuart
Lizzie Wheeler (?)

Sig Robert Vesey, Esq

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