The Will of Moreton Aglionby Slaney (10 May, 1765-1817, Charlottetown)

Liber 1 Folio 113

Charlottetown 14th Feby, 1817

To Charles Worrell, Edward Worrell and William Pleace

My Dear Sirs

Life being precarious and Death certain it is not only proper and prudent, but an important Duty for every person while in the full enjoyment of his faculties, and bodily health to make every possible preparation for the great Change as well as for the awful consequences. For these reasons and particularly on account of its being highly necessary and important that my Friends and Relatives in England should have and receive the earliest and most authentic account and information of my Death, the Time when it may take place and the circumstances attending it I take the Liberty my dear Sirs of entreating and ? that as soon as you receive intimation of the event and have learnt the particulars attending it that you will have the goodness to write by the first opportunity to the following persons in England.

The Revd. Richd. Slaney of Penkridge in the County of Stafford Clerk, The Revd. Charles Buckridge of Litchfield in the said County of Stafford, Doctor of Divinity, and Plowden Presland of Brunswick Square London, Esquire, and make them fully acquainted with all the particulars of the Event, and when and where my remains were consigned to the silent Grave, and on my Soul may the omniscient and all gracious Lord of Heaven have Mercy. I desire and request you or some of you to see me decently Interr'd with as little expence as the business may require, Believing that sufficient funds will be found in my Trunks or in the hands of some of you. I direct all my Funeral Expences and Just Debts to be paid as soon as may be; if there should be a deficiency to sell what Property I may have hear to make up that deficiency in case of my Death; I shall tie up in Paper a small Indian Box which I wish to be sent to Mr. Presland of London by first safe conveyance.

I beg the following Persons will accept as Tokens of my regard first Charles Worrell my small Gold Watch and Gold Wafer Seals and my silver mounted Cane which was my Fathers; Secondly to Edward Worrell my large silver snuff box and Tortoushell snuff box; thirdly to William Pleace my Liquor Chest, small silver Snuff box called a Girdle or Sash box, my Tea Chest and Travelling Knife Fork and Spoon. Fourthly to Charles Wright i give my silver mounted pipe; fifthly to Thomas Heath Haviland I give my writing case or Port Folio, Drawing and Shaving Box mounted with brass,; sixthly to the Revd. Theophilus Desbrisay, all my Books and Manuscripts except those relating to angling, those I wish to be sent to my brother the Revd. Richd. Slaney with the Box to Mr. Presland I give also to the Revd. Theophilus Desbrisay my Silver mounted Pearl Reading Glass, and small silver snuff box with Moreton engraved on it. all my furniture, glass, Trunks, Boxes, Cloathes, Wearing Apparell, and other personal Property I give to Charles Worrell, Edward Worrell and William Pleace for them to dispose of as they please.

Witness John McDonald, Windmill

M A Slaney

The aforewritten Will being presented for Probate by the Honorable William Pleace one of the Executors therein named, John McDonald made oath that he saw Moreton Aglionby Slaney the Subscriber to this instrument sign his name, and also heard him publish and declare it to be his last Will and Testament, and that when he did so he was of sound disposing mind and memory according to this Deponent's best discerning, and that he set his name as a Witness thereof in the said Testator's presence.

John McDonald

Sworn before me the 21st day of March in the year of our Lord 1817

Robert Gray

Notes from Gary Carroll, Moreton Aglionby Slaney, b. 10 May, 1765, married 8 Aug., 1793, at Shawbury, Shropshire, Mary daughter of Richard Prynce Corbet and Mary Wickstead. Slaney has a large stone near University Avenue in the Old Protestant Cemetery. Also: Rev. Charles Buckeridge married on 27 Oct., 1796, Elizabeth Slaney, sister of Morton Aglionby Slaney. Acadian Recorder (Halifax) 24 May, 1817 - Died 1 March at Charlotte Town, Morton Aglionby Slaney, Esq., late of Sluffnal House, Shrops.

Children of Richard Slaney & Sarah Molineux:

Elizabeth born 25 Sep, 1762; bapt 28 Sep, 1762 at Shifnal, Shropshire

Moreton Aglionby born 10 May, 1765; bapt 28 May, 1765 at Shifnal, Shropshire

John Mullinex born 11 June, 1767; bapt 13 June, 1767 at Shifnal, Shropshire

Richard born 4 Feb, 1769; bapt 8 Feb, 1769 at Shifnal, Shropshire

Charles Plowden born 5 Jan, 1772; bapt 19 Mar, 1772 at Shifnal, Shropshire

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