Will of Therese Pitre of Prince Edward Island (1865-1926, Bloomfield)

This is the Last Will & Testament of Therese Pitre (or Peters), born on March 2, 1865 at Rustico and who died about July of 1926 at Bloomfield, Lot 5, PEI. She is the daughter of Elizee Pitre (or Peters) and Edesse Gallant of Rustico and sister to Delphine Pitre (or Peters), first wife of Henri Napoleon Pineau of Bloomfield, PEI.

 I hereby will to Henry Pineau Sr. 50 acres of land and at his death 25 acres will fall to Marie Marguerite Pineau and 25 acres to Mathias Pineau and at their death the 50 acres of land will fall to Edmund Pineau. Dated at Bloomfield this fifth day of July nineteen hundred and twenty-six.

Witnesses: Domitien Gallant

Peter Perry

Provided $25.00 for masses for Theresa Peters.

$25.00 " " " her father her mother and other members of the family.

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