The Will of Thomas Robinson (1775-1849, Charlotte Town)

The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Robinson

1775 – 1849

In the Name of God, Amen. This is the last Will and Testament of Thomas Robinson of Brighton Lodge in the Common of Charlotte Town in Prince Edward Island. I, Thomas Robinson, aforesaid, do make this my last will and testament. In the first place, I do hereby appoint my wife "Eleanor Robinson" my Executrix and Joseph Robinson, the young Samuel Nelson Robinson, Theophilus Desbrisay Robinson, George Frederick Robinson, Stephen Bovyer, Wellington Nelson, Robert Hutchinson and Henry William Lobbau or the survivor or survivors of them to be my Executor or Executors in this behalf. In primus, my will is that immediately after my decease or as soon after as is convenient that my Funeral expenses as also my lawful debts should be paid. I hereby give and bequeath to my said Wife "Eleanor" all my real and personal Estate, Goods, Chattels, Debts and Accounts of whatsoever kind or Nature during the time my said wife shall continue my widow except that portion of land which I hereby leave to my daughter "Miria" wife of Stephen Bovyer, her Heirs, Executors, Administrators or Apins being part of Town Lot Number four in the second ??? of town lots commencing at the east corner of Town Lot Number three and fronting on Sidney Street, thirty-six feet, thence running at right angles seventy-nine feet or thereabouts or until it strikes the division line of the Mr. John McGill’s property. My further will is that at the death of my Wife "Eleanor" that one portion of my Property situated in Charlotte Town and fronting on Queens Street, thirty-seven feet or thereabouts and on Sidney Street, sixty-seven feet, be given to my son Joseph Robinson, that one portion of my property as aforesaid and fronting on Sidney Street, thirty-six feet and extending backwards on the west side thereof seventy-nine feet be given to my son Samuel Robinson, that one portion of my said property, fronting on Queen Street and on the north side of property hereby divided to Joseph Robinson admeasuring on said street forty-five feet and extending backwards fifty-eight feet is to be equally divided between my two sons Theophilus Robinson and George Robinson, which said three last mentioned portions are to be divided as aforesaid and according to the plan thereof hereunto annexed. One portion of my said property fronting on Sidney Street thirty feet and extending backwards seventy-nine feet situated between Stephen Bovyer and Samuel Robinson to be the property of my daughter Charlotte Callbeck. wife of Henry Callbeck. I bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Nelson, widow of the late Thomas Robinson Nelson, Lot Number ??? and adjoining the Lot lately purchased by Mr. James Watts situated on the Brighton Estate and fronting on Brighton Street, two chains and extending back five chains and thirty links until it strikes the division line of Common Lots number two and three, that during my wife’s lifetime after my decease, my daughter Matilda shall have the same support and treatment as hitherto and at the death of my said Wife, when my aforenamed sons shall be entitled to their respective possessions, there shall be secured by them to her (my said daughter Matilda) in equal proportions the Sum of Forty pounds per annum during her natural life. My further will is that the land leased out by me and subject to Ten years purchase should be (if possible) first sold even at a discount if my said Executors should see it necessary in order to pay off my debts and should that not be sufficient, then any other property situated on the Brighton Estate as my wife and family shall agree upon the sale of this property to take place as soon as possible after my decease or so soon after as may be required for the payment of my debts and whatever landed properties remaining unsold situate on the Brighton Estate after my just debts are paid to be equally divided among my surviving sons at or after the death of my said wife. My Schooner "Shark", now at Rustico, is to be sent to a Market order to be sold and the proceeds thereof to be given in liquidating my debts. My personal effects and chattels to be at the disposal of my said wife to divide as she shall seem proper. And it is my further Will that when it shall please the Almighty, disposer of events to take me from the world, that my funeral be conducted in the following manner, a plain mounted coffin and that my Brethren of the mystic tie will be pleased to pay my remains the usual honors.

Signed, Sealed and Published in our presence by the said Thomas Robinson on the 21st day of April 1849.


Thos Robinson


James Watts


William Warren

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