The Will of Thomas Townsend (1832-1910, Lot 19)

The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Townsend (1832-1910)
Submitted by Marilyn Clay Adair

I, Thomas Townsend, of Travellers' Rest in Lot Nineteen, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Farmer, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this as my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former dispositions heretofore at any time by me made.

I hereby appoint William Townsend and Robert C. Marchbank to be the executors of my will, and I hereby name as my only heirs my two sons, William and Colin, and my two daughters, Albenia and Annie.

I hereby direct my said executors to pay all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses as soon as possible after my decease.

I hereby direct that the live stock of which I am owner be sold and the proceeds divided equally between my two daughters, Albenia and Annie.

I direct that , in case none of my heirs should wish to keep my farm, it be sold and the proceeds be divided equally among my two sons and two daughters, namely, William, Colin, Albenia and Annie; but if any one of them should desire to have the said farm, then , in that case, I direct that three independent valuators be appointed to set a value upon it; and I further direct that, after such valuation has been made, whichever one of my heirs desires to retain the farm, shall, upon paying to each of the other three heirs a sum equal to one fourth of the appraised value of the said farm, have the farm to possess as his or her own, as the case may be.

I direct that the farm be held to include the lots present occupied by Willis Kelly and by Alexander Champoin.

Signed, sealed and declared to be my Last Will and Testament, in the presence of

Edward'J Wright
Arthur Wright

Thomas Townsend

at New Annan this twelfth day of December, one thousand nine hundred and six

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