The Will of Thomas Tweedy (1782-1864), Gallas Point, Earnscliffe

Will of Thomas Tweedy (1782-1864), Gallas Point, Earnscliffe

Liber 7 Folio 10

In the name of God Amen. I, Thomas Tweedy of Township number Fifty in Queen's County, Prince Edward Island, the elder Farmer, being of sound and disposing mind and Body do make this to be my last Will and Testament, as follows, that is to say: I desire that my body may be buried at the directions of my Executors hereinafter named and I direct sons of my executors hereafter named, and I direct that all my just debts be paid out of my Estate as soon after my decease as may be convenient; And as touching my worldly estate wherewith it has pleased Almighty God to befit me with in this life, I give devise and bequeath the same in manner following that is to say:

1st, I give and bequeath to my son Matthew Tweedy seven pounds ten shillings currency of this Island -

2nd, I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Tweedy thirty pounds of money aforesaid;

3rd, I give and bequeath to my daughter Ann Hayden twenty pounds money aforesaid;

4th, I give and bequeath to Miss Elizabeth Webster ten pounds money aforesaid, to be paid in money or stock at the option of my said executors, at the time of her marriage and also that she is to have her living out of my Estate while she remains sole and unmarried, provided in all cases she lives with my family as heretofore mentioned such marriage takes place.

5th, I give and bequeath unto my son John Tweedy three hundred pounds currency money aforesaid to be paid to him by half yearly payments or installments of fifty pounds, the first payment of fifty pounds to become due and payable six months after my decease. The several sums of money above mentioned to be raised and levied out of my Estate by my said Executors as soon after my decease as may be convenient for them to do so.

6th, I give and devise to my son Joseph Tweedy ninety acres of land or thereabouts as per due held by due, and known as John Musick's Point, upon my said son Joseph paying unto the acting Executors of my Estate the sum of one hundred pounds with interest from my decease at the rate of six percent per annum until the principal sum and interest is paid. And I also will and direct that the said Joseph Tweedy his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns shall at all times after my decease give full and (?) liberty and right of way in the most convenient place through the said land to the shore to all persons residing on or having any interest whatsoever in the Homestead Farm whereon I now reside for any purpose whatsoever.

It is also my will and pleasure and I hereby direct that my said son Joseph his heirs and assigns give or allow to be made on the marsh at all times after my decease (the same being part of said ninety acres) yearly, three stacks of hay for the use and benefit of those living on the Homestead. And I also direct that my said son Joseph and his heirs shall at all times after my decease have full liberty to cut and carry from off the said homestead Farm whatever Fire wood and fencing he or they may require for the use of his said Farms, but for no other purpose whatever; and also that the said Joseph Tweedy and his heirs shall at all times after my decease be entitled to have a right of way from and to the said shore along the Western side of the west boundary line of his said farm for all purposes required, and I also direct that the expense of the barn now being erected shall be borne equally and be (?) by my said sons John, George, and Joseph and to the said out of my Estate - I also give and bequeath unto my said son Joseph one cart and one set cart harrows one plough and one set plough harness, one set of Harrows, together with three cows and eight sheep, one horse and one mare.

7th, I give devise and bequeath unto my son George Tweedy one hundred and eighty acres of land as per lease held by me also any interest I may be supposed to have in order to fifty acres of land purchased by my said son George from the late John Young; I also give devise and bequeath unto my said son George the whole of my real and personal estate (not before herein in any way devise or bequeathed) wheresoever the same may be found in Prince Edward Island or elsewhere to unto him the said George Tweedy his heirs executors administrators and assigns for ever after my decease and without any manner of condition to the contrary in and wise here wilefore express or declare save and except that my said son George shall at all times after my decease comfortably provide for, maintain and support his mother my beloved wife in all the _paries of life in his House.

8th , With regard to my threshing machine and waggon, I direct that the same be the joint property of my said sons John, George and Joseph and that each of them bear equal proportions towards Keeping the same in repair, but without liberty to the said John or Joseph t___ by consent of all three of them) to make any use of said threshing machine off their own private farms. The said George Tweedy to use cause to be used the said machine in any way he may think _______. And I the said Thomas Tweedy do hereby nominate and appoint my said son George Tweedy, John Butcher and James L. Hayden executors of this my said last will and testament, and I do hereby revoke and make void all former and other will and wills by me at any time or times heretofore made, and do declare these presents to be and contain my last will and testament. In without whereof I the said testator Thomas Tweedy, have to this my said last will written upon from sides of proper set my hand and seal this 5th day December in the year of Our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and sixty one.

Sealed, published and declared by the
Testator Thomas Tweedy in his presence
at this request and in the presence of each
other have hereunto subscribed or names as
witnesses in (the words) "the said John or
Joseph to use or cause to be used the said
machine in any way he may think profit by
lending, having or other wies" being first interlined.

(signed) Thomas Tweedy

Joseph Hayley X witness
John A. Mc Innis

Probate granted 27 Jan., 1865

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