The Will of Thomas Meggison (1803-1883, Lot 5)

Last Will and Testament of Thomas Meggison (1803-1883, Lot 5)

Will of Thomas Meggison, File 5, Liber 10, Folio 576, Prince County Probate, SCPEI.

I Thomas Meggison of Township Number Five in Prince County Province of Prince Edward Island Dominion of Canada being of sound disposing mind and memory; make this my last Will and testament. I give devise and bequeath to my son John H. Meggison His Heirs and assigns the farm on which I now reside containing about eighty acres a little more or less situate on Mill River Township Number Five, together with the stock crops & implements thereon, save and except the stock herein after described: to my daughter Harriett Meggison one Cow, to my daughter Jessie Meggison one Cow, to my daughter Martha Hibbett wife of William Hibbett three sheep, and my Granddaughter Rosaline Meggison two sheep. This also to be understood that my son the said John H. Meggison is to keep and maintain his two sisters Harriett and Jessie Meggison and My Granddaughter Rosaline Meggison so long as they remain single.

To my son George R. Meggison I give devise and bequeath the farm on which he now resides, as staked off by one containing from thirty to forty acres or thereabouts; subject to this condition that the said George R. Meggison is to either purchase from the Government the fee sample of the said plot of land or get the Crown Land Commission to accept him the purchaser of the said farm, and in case he should refuse to comply with these conditions, so as to relieve me from the liability to the Government I then devise and bequeath the said Farm with its appurtenances thereto belonging to my daughters Harriett Meggison and Jessie Meggison their heirs and assigns.

And it is my express wish that John D. Woodman of Alberton Township number Four Prince County in the Province and Island aforesaid do act as my executor.

In witness thereof I have signed, sealed, published and declare this instrument as my last will and testament.

Dated at Mill River Lot five this twelfth day of July A.D. 1879

Thos. Meggison

And we at his request and his presence, and in the presence of each other, have hereunto signed and written our names as witnesses thereto.

Allan T. Matthews
James Wells


This is Thomas Meggison (1803-1883) of Mill River, Lot 5. He m. Ellen/Eleanor McAlduff (1812?-1878) of Tignish.

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