Will of William Hyde Sr. of Prince Edward Island (1763-1831)

William Hyde Sr. File # 107

Will of William Hyde the Elder of Elliott River Settlement On Township Number 32, Esquire.

Liber 2 Folio 187

To my dearly beloved wife Christiana for life, the House I now reside in with the furniture and 90 acres or therabouts adjoining, with the Bran, and one half of the Stock, Crop, etc., she to allow her daughters, Ellen, Jannett, Mary, and Sarah to live with her as heretofore until they may be married, then to receive one milch cow and six breeding ewes. They may remain on said land after mother's land if unmarried or widows; lands to go eventually to sons James and John equally.

To son William, Freehold farm he now occupies of 110 acres "and forming a point or peninsula fronting on Elliott River and Mill Creek".

Freehold Farm of 110 acres occupied by late son, Thomas (description given), to his widow, Caroline, and children "born and to be born," till the eldest son is 21, he then to take a double portion and to give his brothers and sisters an equal portion (etc.).

To my son, James the remainder of the freehold whereon I at present reside, etc. of 110 acres.

To son John, the leasehold farm called the Mill Farm, on 100 acres, with Mills, etc, but sons James and John to have equal shares in the Mills, etc. (Plan of farms, all on Lot 32, attached.) John to have one half of the upland hay. To James, lot No. 31 in 2nd Hundred in Charlotte Town. To son, John, Lot No. 32, in 2nd hundred of lots, in Ch'Town. To son John and James the other half of the Stock, Crop, and Farming Utensils in my posession, equally, and all other Personal estate not before mentioned, they to pay just debts, and Funeral expenses.

All children directed to continue dutiful and obedient to their mother.

Having equal regard for all my children, I do not omit to notice my daughters Margaret, the wife of Mr. Thomas Tod, and Anne, the wife of Mr. John Cameron (who received portions at marriage).

Sons James and John Executors. Dated 25 Aug. 1831.

William Hyde, L.S.


John Crosby,
James Crosby,
Chas. Binns.

Probate granted 9 Jan., 1832. (Reg of Probate, #18).

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