The Administration of William Ford, (1809 - 1884, New Glasgow Rd.)

Note: William's will was filed 5 Dec 1884. William's was listed as dying intestate even though he had written his will 12 Nov 1884. The reason his will was never proved was due to the fact that he only had one witness. The will is filed at the Law Courts Building.

Administration of William Ford [born about 1809 - died between 12 Nov 1884 - 5 Dec 1884]

Below is transcript of the transfer of the lands he owned claiming his death as died intestate.
The original can be found at the land registry office in Charlottetown.

No 61 Dated 16th July A.D. 1892 Eliza Ford & Others To Joseph A. Ford
Conveyance Registered 19th January A.D. 1894 at 11:35 o'clock A.M. on oath of Donald McKay W.C. White Registrar

This Indenture made the sixteenth day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred and ninety two between Eliza Ford, widow of William Ford. William Ford, Farmer and Catherine Ford, his wife. Samuel Ford, Farmer and Ann Ford, his wife, Edward Ford, Farmer Hephzibah Ford, his wife. Thomas Ford, Farmer and Mary Grace Ford, his wife. Richard Ford, Farmer and Eliza Ford, his wife. All of New Glasgow Road in Queen's County in Prince Edward Island. Robert Mallett of Union Road in said County and Island, Farmer and Mary Mallett, (formerly Mary Ford) his wife. William Graves of Emmavale (sic- Emyvale) in said County and Island, Farmer and Tryphena Graves, (formerly Tryphena Ford), his wife. Charles McQuarrie of Winsloe Road in said County and Island, Farmer and Phoebe Grace McQuarrie, (formerly Phoebe Grace Ford), his wife. Alexander McCallum of New Glasgow Road aforesaid, Farmer and Elizabeth McCallum
(formerly Elizabeth Ford), his wife. Hezekiah Feavyour of North Wiltshire in said County and Island, Farmer and Eliza Jane Feavyour, (formerly Eliza Jane Ford), his wife. Peter McInnis of Brookfield in said County and Island, Farmer. Mary Ford of New Glasgow Road aforesaid, widow of John Ford. John Henry Ford, Farmer. James F. Ford, Farmer and Alice Jane Ford, spinster all of New Glasgow Road aforesaid. Fred Mallett of Rustico Road in said County and Island, Farmer and Ann Maria Mallett (formerly Ann Maria Ford), his wife. Charles C. B. Smith of Brackley Point Road in said County and Island, Farmer and Henrietta Smith (formerly Henrietta Ford), his wife. Beatrice Ford, spinster and Mary Ellen Ford, spinster both of New Glasgow Road aforesaid. Thomas James McInnis, Mary Ellen McInnis, Elizabeth Ann McInnis, John Frederick McInnis, Eliza Jane McInnis, and Margaret Ann McInnis all of Brookfield aforesaid (herein after called the
parties of the first part) of the one part and Joseph A. Ford of New Glasgow Road aforesaid Farmer of the other part. Whereas William Ford late of New Glasgow Road aforesaid was in his lifetime and at the time of his death seized in __ __ in possession of the land and hereditaments herein after described and intended to be hereby conveyed. And whereas said William Ford died intestate on or about the year 1884 leaving him surviving his widow the said Eliza Ford and his sons the said John Ford, since deceased, William Ford, Samuel Ford, Edward Ford, Thomas Ford, Richard Ford and Joseph A. Ford and his daughters Mary, wife of Robert
Mallett, Tryphena, wife of William Graves, Phoebe Grace, wife of Charles McQuarrie, Elizabeth, wife of Alexander McCallum, and Eliza Jane, wife of Hezekiah Feavyour and where as Mary Ann McInnis, wife of said Peter McInnis predeceased her father the said William Ford, deceased leaving her surviving her husband the said Peter McInnis and her children the said Thomas James McInnis, Mart Ellen McInnis, Elizabeth Ann McInnis, John Frederick McInnis, Eliza Jane McInnis, and Margaret Ann McInnis. And whereas the said John Ford died on or about the month of May A. D. 1892, leaving his surviving his widow the said Mary Ford and his sons the said John Henry Ford, and James F. Ford, and his daughters the said Alice Jane Ford, Ann Maria Mallett, wife of the said Fred Mallett, Henrietta Smith, wife of the said Charles C. B. Smith, Beatrice K. Ford, and Mary Ellen Ford, and whereas the said parties of the first part have agreed to sell and convey to the said Joseph A. Ford the lands hereinafter described for the consideration hereinafter mentioned. Now this indenture ___ that for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar of lawful money of Canada to the said parties of the first part in hand well and truly paid by the said Joseph A. Ford. (the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged) they the said parties of the first part do and each of them doth hereby grant aforesaid confirm. The said Mary Mallett, Tryphena Graves, Phoebe Grace McQuarrie, Elizabeth McCallum, Eliza Jane Feavyour, Ann Maria Mallett and Henrietta Smith parties hereto of the first part granting by and with the consent
and concurrence of their said respective husbands, unto the said Joseph A. Ford his heirs and assigns. All that tract piece and parcel of land situated lying and being on Lot or Township number Twenty four in Queen's County aforesaid bounded as follows that is to say commencing at a square post fixed on the south west side of the road leading from Charlottetown to New Glasgow and in the south West boundary of land now or formerly in the possession of Henry and George Hooper, thence by a line South fifty eight degrees West ninety one chains thence East ten chains and twenty five links thence North fifty eight degrees East Eighty three chains to the aforesaid road and thence following the course of the same road to the place of commencement. Containing by Estimation fifty acres of land a little more or less being the land mentioned and described in a certain Indenture of lease made the seventeenth day of April in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty six between John Hodges Winsloe of the one part and the aforesaid William Ford of the other part. Together with all and any the rights privileges consents? advantages and appurtenances whatsoever to the said hereditaments belonging to or anywise? appertaining or there unto now or heretofore holders and occupied
or enjoyed. To have and To hold the said messuages and tenants land and hereditaments and all and ??igular other the premises herein before granted appointed and released or expressed or ___ did so to be with there appurtenances unto and to the use of the said Joseph A. Ford, his heirs and assigns forever. And each of these the said parties of the first part so far as relates to his or her own acts and defaults only but not further or otherwise doth hereby for himself or herself his or her heirs executors and administrators. Covenant with the said Joseph A. Ford, his heirs and assigns in manner and form following that is to say that it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Joseph A. Ford, his heirs and assigns from time to time and at all time hereinafter peasebly (sic - peaceably) and quietly to ___ unto and upon and to have hold ___ possess and enjoy the said messuages lands and other hereditaments herein before granted and released or expressed and intended so to be with their appurtenances and to receive and take the __ issues and profits thereof and of every part there of and for his and their proper use and benefit without the ____ and trouble denial eviction ___ ___ ____ a demand whatsoever of a by them the said parties of the first part respectively or their respective heirs or assigns on ____ by any other person lawfully a equitably claiming or to cause by from or under or in trust for them of them and each of them the said Catherine Ford, wife of William Ford. Ann Ford, wife of Samuel Ford. Hephizabah, wife of Edward Ford, Mary Grace Ford, wife of Thomas Ford and Elizabeth Ford, wife of Richard Ford doth hereby release all her right of dower in and to the said lands to said Joseph A. Ford his heirs and assigns. In Witness whereof the said parties to them presents have
hereunto their hands and seals subscribed and set the ____ ___ first above written.

Signed sealed and delivered by the said William Ford, Catherine Ford, Samuel Ford, Ann Ford, Edward Ford, Hephizbah Ford, Thomas J. Ford, Richard Ford, Eliza Ford, Mary Mallett, William Graves, Tryphenia Graves, Alexander McCallum & Elizabeth McCallum in my presence Donald McKay

William Ford's mark; Catherine Ford's mark; Samuel Ford's mark; Ann Ford's mark; Edward Ford's mark; Hephizibah Ford's mark; Thomas Ford's mark; Richard Ford's mark; Eliza Ford's mark; Mary Mallett's mark

Signed Sealed and delivered by the said H. Feavyour, E. J. Feavyour, Mary Ford, Mary E. Ford, Annie Mallett, Charles B. Smith, Henrietta Smith, Peter McInnis, Mary E. Ployer, Lizzie A. McInnis, John Henry Ford, James F. Ford in my presence.
Donald McKay

William Graves' mark; Tryphenia Graves' mark; Alexander McCallum; Elizabeth McCallum; Hezekiah Feavyour; J. Feavyour; Mary Ford's mark; Mary Ellen Ford; Mrs Annie Mallett; Charles B. C. Smith; Mrs Henrietta Smith; Peter McInnis; Mary E. Ployer; Lizzie A. McInnis; John Henry Ford; James F. Ford

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