Will of William Henry McEwen of Prince Edward Island (1812-1897)

William Henry McEwen born 1812, died 12 July 1897

This information is complied from the notes of Andrew Brian Wendover MacEwen.



Dated 15 Sept. 1896 (Recorded in the Registry of Probate, Charlottetown, 17 July 1897, 14:401)

In the name of God, Amen.

I William Henry McEwen of St. Peters in the County of Kings County, Prince Edwards (sic) Island, being of sound mind memory and understanding, but condering (sic) the Uncertainty of this transitory life do make public and declare this may last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills, in the first place recommending my soul, to almighty God, who gave it. I direct that after my death my Body may Receive a decent Christian burial, at the discretion of my Executors, and that my Executors doe (sic) pay and discharge my Funeral expenses out of my personal Estate, (that being the onley (sic) debt I leave behind that I know of, for them to discharge).

And Whereas I am owner or possessor of the following Freehold propertyes (sic), all of which are in Township No. thirty nine in Kings County, 1st the old Homestead, containing 65 acres of land more or less, 2nd 74 1/2 acres of land fronting on the mill river for which there is two deeds, and 3rd the farm I now reside on of 50 acres, the old Homestead of 65 acres aforesaid I doe (sic) hereby give devise and bequeath Unto my son, James Allan, To hold to him the said James Allen, his heirs and assignes (sic). I Also will in Cash, as follows 1st the annual or yearely (sic) Bank interest, of $400 four hundred dollars, (not the principal) with the understanding that he take my son, Benjaman (sic), after my Death, and provide and care for him while he lives, Ben is to help to work the farm when able.

2nd I Will, Unto my son, James A. $150 one hundred & fifty Dollars, to remunerate him, and give Ben a decent burial, this last bequest, to be paid at Ben's Death. these bequests are subject nevertheless, and I doe (sic) hereby expressly make and declare the real estate hereby dequeathed (sic) and devised unto my said son James Allan, subject to the carrying out on his part, these promisies, as in the sight of God.

having thus disposed of the old Homestead, I direct that the remainder of my land namely the 74 1/2 acres and the 50 acres aforesaid with Horses, Cattle and Stock of every kind, farming implements, Carts Waggons (sic), Mowing machines, Household Furniture in fact every thing on the premisies, to be sold to the best advantage, and the proceeds of sale with my Cash, Mortagages notes of hand debts if anny (sic), be Collected into one fund, and deposited in some safe Bank, or otherwise at the descretion of My Executors, so that the interest can be drawn annually, the Principle to remain in fund, until my Wifes Death, so that she or my executors, can draw on it for her support during her lifetime.

And I hereby give and bequeath, Unto My Wife, Margaret, the Interest arising or accruing from this fund, or as much thereof as will suffice, for all her wants, while she lives, an (sic) give her a decent Christian Burial, With a headstone to her memory. I wish her to take a room in some Kind family, where she could pay for her Board, she could take her bed, and anny (sic) small articles she wants to take with her, at her Death these things can be sold, or given to the family she stayed with, at the descretion of my Executors.

At my Wifes death, the above Principal say 2600, or otherwise as the proceedes of sale may be, William Henry, of Boston, the sum of $200 two hundred Dollars, I give and bequeath Unto my Daughters Catherine, Margaret and Susan, $200 two hundred Dollars , each, to be paid after my wife's Death. I give Unto my Daughter Elizabeth two hundred and thirty six $236, dollars, lent some years ago, to pay for their farm, and not returned

As David has no family, he does not need anny (sic) thing from me, but I will to him a balance due me, on a note of hand of his.

I will and bequeath Unto my Grandaughters Jane Douglas and Lottie May $200 two hundred $200 Dollars, Each, in case of the death of either of the above the share of the deceased to go to the survivor or there (sic) children, should there be more money in fund, then will be required to satisfy the above Bequests, and my Executors for thier Trouble, and Kindnesss, it is to be divided amoung the most poor and needy of my Children, or Grandchildren, at the descretion of my Executors, acting as in the sight of God, and in sympathy with the poor favouring none, but doing justice to all.

My Watch, and Cash Trunk I leave to My Grandson, William Henry of Boston U.S.

My Clothes, to be divided between my sons, by my Executors, my Dear Daughter Jane's picture is not to be sold, but given to Henry, who paid for it. I have marked a few Books, to be given to the persons whose names are written therein, the remainder to be sold. I have given poor Janes's watch, to my Graddaughter Jane. My Pew's, one in each church, I give to Jane and Lottie.

And I doo (sic) hereby nominate, Constitute and appoint, Robert Davison of St. Peters, Esquire, and my Granddaughter Jane Douglas, and my Wife Margaret, all of St. Peters Executors of this my last Will and Testament, in Witness Whereof I the said William Henry McEwen, have set my hand and seal to this my last Will and Testament at St. Peters, in Prince Edward Island this Fifteenth 15th day of September in the year of our Lord, One thousand Eight hundred and ninety six 1896.

Signed William H. McEwen L.S.

Signed sealed and delivered published and declared by the Testator William Henry McEwen as and for his last Will, and Testament, in our presence and in the presence of each other and who in his presence and in the presence of each other at his request, have subscribed our names, as Witnesses, Benjamin J. Douglas Arthur J. Douglas

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