Will of William Woolridge of Prince Edward Island (- aft. 1901, Cove Head Road)

The Will of William Woolridge of Cove Head Road

I William Woolridge, of Cove Head Road, declare this to be my last will and testament.

I hereby, do bequeath to my son Richard Woolridge all my personal and real estate, except the following personal effects, which I bequeath as following:

To my son Simon, the colt of the mare now in foal, to Thomas Woolridge my son, a cow. To William Jas Clow, my watch.

To be divided among my children, equally the contents of the two trunks in my bedroom.

I also will that my wife Helen {should be Ellen}shall be provided with home and clothes and board by my son Richard on the home stead, and, and if my wife, Helen leaves the home, the said Richard must pay her the sum of forty dollars, as long as she lives, every year.

In the event of Richard Woolridge, my son, becoming a Roman Catholic, I hereby will that my real and personal estate, bequeathed to him, shall be sold by the executors and the money arising from the sale, shall be equally divided among my remaining sons and daughters. I also desire and will that Richard Woolridge my son shall pay all my debts and the expenses of my funeral out of the estate bequeathed to him.

I desire and will that Thos. Woolridge and John W. Clow be executors of this will

William Woolridge
his mark

signed at Cove Head On
March 10 1901

Signed in the presence of these witness and each other Thomas Hicks, Amos West, John William Clow

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