Burglary and Robbery - 762 Dollars Reward

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Prince Edward Island Register, August 7, 1824:

Burglary and Robbery - 762 Dollars Reward

Whereas a most daring Burglary and Robbery was committed on the night of the 28th of July, in the Store of Messrs. Sims & Son, Merchants, in Charlotte-Town, and nearly One Hundred Pounds in Cash, and a quantity of goods were stolen thereout. We, the undersigned, hereby promise and undertake to pay the sums set opposite our names, to any person or persons who shall inform against and prosecute unto conviction one or more of the principal offenders.

Dated at Charlotte-Town in Prince Edward Island, this 30th day of July 1824.

Most donations were of one or two pounds, but Thos. Sims & Sons, L. & A. Cambridge, and T. & W. Pope donated ten pounds, totalling 190 pounds, 10 shillings or 762 dollars.

Thos. Sims & Sons

Wm. Johnston

L. & A. Cambridge

E. Cameron

John McArthy

Chas. Binns

John McGregor

William Wilson,

Benj. De St. Croix

Benj. Evans

John Brecken

Joseph Higgins

Samuel Nelson

Paul Mabey

Ralph Thompson.

Donald McDonald

William Cullen

James Campbell

J. W. James

John McGill

W. Butterfield

Joseph Ball

Thomas Jones

Humphry Minchen

Henry Charlton

Clear Lallow

Dennis Reddin

Francis Longworth

John Rider

Charles C. Davidson

James H. Down

James Gibson

William Cooke

Richard Faught

T. & W. Pope

Peter McGowan

Allen Brown

John Cambridge

by J. L. Lewellin

Napoleon Le Page & Co.

Thomas Gardiner

John Howell

Duncan McKay

Samuel Street

H. M. Williams

W. Pleace

C. McDonald

Martin Dogherty

James Coles

John Davies

James Cantelo

Robert Pyke

William Mudge

Peter Tambling

Angus McAulay, (Dr.)

John Mathieson

Samuel Collings

John Robertson (Capt.)

J. F. Holland

Charles Desbrisay

John Cozans

Watson Duchemin

James Collings

J. Trenaman

John Le Geyt

James McKay

John Robinson

James Warren

Richard Bagnall

Stephen Bovyer

Geo. R. Goodman

J. L. Des Barres

James Bagnall

A. McKenzie

James Fulton

Nicholas Marquand

Charles Dempsey

N. Davies

David Ramsay

Donald Monro

Jas. D. Haszard

David Higgins

Peter Duchemin

Cornelius Little

John Morris

Peter Kalligan

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