Subscriptions for the Scotch Presbyterian Church in Charlotte-Town

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Subscriptions for the Scotch Presbyterian Church in Charlotte-Town

As published in the November 15, 1825, Prince Edward Island Register....

John Martin

Duncan Bell

Angus McAulay, Pr. Town Rd.

Alexr. Macniven, sawyer

Duncan Darrach

Charles Mackinnon, Canoe Cove

Colin McLauchlan

Donald Mackinley

Joseph Guest, 81st. Regt.

John Maceachran, Lot 48

James Mitchell

Niel Macniel, Goose Creek

Benjamin Evans

Archd. Campbell, 9 mile do.

William Scott, Lot 34

Donald Campbell, do.

John Kennedy

Donald Mackinnon, C. J. servt.(?)

Patrick Bambrick

Peter Stewart, tanner

Malcolm Forbes

Niel Macniel, shoemaker

John Robertson, taylor, Lot 34

Malcolm Mackinnon

Donald McKinnon, sen.

James Ferguson, 5 mile-house

Patrick Callighan

John Ferguson, sen.

Duncan Livingston, 9 mile-house

Alexr. Campbell, West River

Malcolm McGregor, do.

Niel Maceachran, Canoe Cove

Anthony McDonald, N. River

Donald Mackinnon, sergeant

Neil McKinnon, jun.

Archd. Mackinnon, Pr. T. Rd.

John Darrach (Duncan's son)

Donald Mackinnon, do/.

Angus McLean, Dog River

Mal. Mackinnon (Hugh's son)

Malcolm Blue, do.

Neil Mackinnon (Neil's son)

Capt. William Stewart

Hector Mackinnon

Donald Macnab, shoemaker

Geo. Dalrymple

Robert Crawford, shoemaker

David Ramsay

John Maclaren, Hermitage

Simon Dodd

Hugh McLean, Dog River

Thomas Pethick

Niel Macniel, sen. North River

David Irving, Murray Harbor

Torquil Macniel, do

Mrs. Miller, Halifax

Don. Macdonald (Anthony's bro)

* Alexander Keith, do.

Malcolm Macinnis, N. R. Road

A. & T. Owen

John Currie, West river

Alexander Macgregor

John Macniel, shoemaker

William Forgan

Archibald Campbell, carpenter

Thomas Jones

Hector Rankin

John Alexander

James Mackay

Way & Curtis

William Crosby

J. W. James

(follows after J. W. James....)

Samuel Braddock

Hector Maceachern, Packet

David Wilson

Paul Mabey

Joseph Nelmes

Charles Wright

Charles Dempsey

Dr. Macdonald

Robert Hodgson

James Collings

T. H. Haviland

John Trenaman

William Waller

James Cantelo

Edmund Stewart

Philip Blatch

Mrs. M. LePage

John Cantelo

Charles C. Davison

John Davis

Donald Macdonald, merchant

Joshua Trott

James McDonnell

Total 421 pounds, 4 shillings, tuppence

Note: * Alexander Keith of Halifax and Keith's Breweries made a donation of two pounds to the Scotch Presbyterian Church in Charlotte-Town in 1825.

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