Those Licensed to Retail Spiritous Liquors, 1826

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Submitted by Christine Gorman


Licenced to Retail


From the Royal Register, Nov. 11,1826 - For the Year commencing July 1st, 1826.




John Gainsford

Charles Dempsey

Robert Drew

Richard Yates

Dennis Reddin

William Robins

William Condor

John Fulton

William Crabb

George Clark

Samuel Nelmes

David McNeill


John Howell, Wellington Hotel

Joseph Trott, Traveller's Joy

John Davis, Union Inn

James Mooney, Swan

John Alexander, Royal Oak

John McArthy

John Cardiff, Blue Anchor

John McIntyre

George Kendall, Crown Inn

Thomas Fitzgibbon, Carpenters' Arms

Thomas Jones, Commercial Inn

Thomas Morrison

Henry Collings, Traveller's Friend

Hector Rankin, Highland Tavern

Martin Ryan

Eleanor McArthy, London Tavern.


Queen's County

John Croker, Traveller's Rest, St. Peter's Road, C. T. Royalty

William Mudge, Ferryman, Lot 48

Thomas Thornton, Cottage Tavern, St. Peter's Road, C. T. Royalty

Thomas Hickey, Wellington Inn, St. Peter's road, Lot 36

Richard White, Ellen's Grove, C. T. Royalty,

Donald Stewart, Cross Roads, Lot 48

Alexr. Johnston, Prince-Town Road, Lot 21

Richard Bagnall, Hazel Grove, Prince-Town Road, Lot 22.

Mary McAulay, Traveller's Rest, Tryon Road

Thomas Gardiner, Hunter's River, (Ferryman)

J. R. Bourke, Seal River, George-Town Road.

William Craswell, Rustico (Store)

William Cranston, Prince-Town Road, C. T. Royalty, (Store)

Phoebe Crabb, Prince-Town Road, Lot 32.

Thomas Barrett, St. Peter's Road, Lot 37, (the Red House.)

John Cunningham, St. Andrew's, 20 Mile House.

King's County

Simon Gill, Bear River, Lot 44 (Store.)

Michael Agin, Morrel

John McKenzie, St. Peter's Road, Lot 41

L & A Cambridge, New-Bristol

John McCallum, Bay Fortune (Store.)

John Kearney, George-Town (Store)

John Wightman, St, Andrew's Point, Ferryman

John Campion, Savage Harbour, Half-Way House

James McLaren, Brudenell River (Store.)


Prince County

George Bearisto, Prince-Town Royalty

William Ellis, senr.,Bideford Yard, Lot 12, (Store)

John Townshend, Traveller's Rest, Lot 19.

Richard Yates

Thomas Tobin, Lot 17 (Store.)

Neil Ramsay, Lot 18

David Walker, Lot 19

James Hilson, Mason's Arms, Wilmot Creek.

James Sinclair, Free-masons' Arms, P. T. Royalty

James Kehoe, Lot 17 (Store)

Hugh Smith, St. Eleanor's Portling House.


I certify the above to be a correct and true list.

J. L. HURDIS, Private Se'cy.

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