Charlottetown Businessmen, 1836

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Royal Gazette, April 12, 1836:

To Francis Longworth, Esq. High Sheriff:

SIR - WE, the undersigned Freeholders and Residents of Charlottetown, request that you will be pleased to convene a Public Meeting of the Inhabitants of Charlottetown and others interested in the Commerce of the Island, at your earliest convenience, for the purpose of taking into consideration the unsound state of the present circulating medium, in order to adopt such measures for the remedying thereof as may be deemed necessary.

J. Lawson

Thos. B. Tremain

John Morris

Edward Palmer

George Dalrymple

D. Macdonald

Chas. Binns, sen.

David Wilson

Charles Dempsey

Wm. Cullen

John Gates

William Cundall

Alex. Davidson

John M'Gill

Peter Macgowan

William Nichols

G. S. Conroy & Co.

James Moore

E. J. M'Cormack

Dennis Reddin

S. Desbrisay

George Coles

Wm. Smardon

Henry Wright

Patrick Walker

John Rider

Samuel Nelson

John Costin

Cornelius Little

Daniel Brenan

R. & F. Longworth

John Fulton

Martin Dogherty

Thomas Pethick

Andrew Duncan, pr. W. Cameron

James Peake, pr. J. T. Thomas.

In accordance with the above Requisition,. I do hereby give notice, that a Public Meeting of the Inhabitants of Charlottetown, and others interested in the Commerce of the Island, will be held at the Court House, on WEDNESDAY, the 13th day of April inst., at 4 o'clock, P. M.


Sheriff's Office, April 12, 1836.

From the Royal Gazette, April 19, 1836.

2s 6d. NOTES

We the undersigned Traders, in Charlottetown, having experienced much convenience from Mr. J. D. Haszard's Notes, during the short time they have been in circulation, take this method of publicly acknowledging the benefit they have been to us, and regret that the Assembly have it in contemplation to prevent their further circulation (under proper restrictions), without providing a better substitute.

David Wilson

A. Davidson

Dennis Reddin

John M'Gill

James Keating

John Gates

Cundall & Compton

Wm. Murphy

K. M'Kenzie

John Bovyer

Donald M'Donald

Rodk. M'Donald

N. Davies

Peter Macgowan

A. M'Kinnon

Joseph Pippy

Alexr. M'Kinnon

Henry Wright

Patrick Walker

Joseph M'Donald

John Costin

John Alexander

N. Marquand

Josiah Parkin

Walter Phelan

P. H. Doyle

Patrick O'Keiffe

W. Smardon

S. Desbrisay

James Watts

E. J. M'Cormack

Wm. Fitzpatrick

Martin Butler

Joseph Holroyd

Thos. B. Tremain

William Tanton

W. Nichol

John Morris

John Davis, Jr.

John Jury

Richard Garnaut

J. Witters

J. Davis, sen.

George Beer, jr.

James Cantelo

Thomas Pethick

Eliz. Campbell

David Stewart.

William Feure pr. Pat. Doyle

Andrew Duncan pr. W. Cameron

James Peake pr. J. T. Thomas

Charlottetown, April 15th, 1836.

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