The Central Agricultural Society's 1838 Cattle Show

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The Central Agricultural Society's Cattle Show

October 9, 1838, Royal Gazette

The Central Agricultural Society's Annual Cattle show took place in Queen Square on Wednesday last. The exhibition of horned cattle rather disappointed us, considering the exertions that have been made to improve the breed. We should be sorry to consider the cattle shewn on Wednesday as a fair specimen of what the Island is capable of producing - indeed we are aware that there are many superior animals in our own immediate neighbourhood, but probably the owners were either too busy, or thought the chance of a prize hardly a sufficient inducement to bring them to the show. The exhibition of horses was also indiff erent, and we believe that it was with some reluctance that the Judges awarded prizes in more than one instance....It was with much pleasure, however, that we observed a marked improvement in the breed of sheep and pigs. A very few years ago, probably the whole Island could not have produced so many pigs of equal quality as were exhibited on Wednesday.

[Prizes were two pounds for a first, one pound for a second, and ten shillings for a third.]

Judges were W. Hodges, John Hyde, and Charles Haszard.

Allan McIsaac, Seal River, for the best entire Colt
James McEwen, Campbelton, second best do.
Rev. A. V. G. Wiggins, St. Eleanor's, third best do.

Alexander Cummings, Mount Stewart, for the best Filly
John Dixon, Princetown Road, second best do.
John McGill, third best do.

William Cranston, for the best Bull, 2 to 4 years
John Rider, second best do.
James Macdonald, Hillsborough River, third best do.

J. L. Hurdis, for the best Heifer,
Malcolm Forbes, second best do.
John Easton, third best do.

William Douse, for the best long-wooled Ram,
J. L. Lewllin, second best do.

William Douse, for the best long-wooled Ewe,
J. M. Holl, second best do.

C. Stewart, Rosebank, for the best short-wooled Ram,
Sir C. A. Fitz Roy, second best do.
Ditto, for the best short-wooled Ewe,
J. L. Hurdis, for the best short-wooled do.

John O'Brien for the best Boar,
Sir C. A. Fitz Roy, second best do.

Hon. George Wright for best Sow,
Robert Sellers, second best do.

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