Landwaiters and Preventive Officers, 1847

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Royal Gazette, Tuesday, May 25, 1847.

Council Office, May 21, 1847.

His Excellency, the Lieutenant Governor in Council was this day pleased to appoint the following persons to be Landwaiters and Preventive Officers for the Harbours, Ports and Places undermentioned in the terms of the act passed in the last session of the General Assembly of this Island, intituled "An Act for the better prevention of Smuggling."

William Bremner, Charlottetown.
John Ings, Point Prim.
Richard Gill, Belfast.
Alexander Macmillan, Cove Head.
Jerome Duronel, Rustico.
William Adams, New London and Ponds.
William Inman, De Sable.
Michael Clark, Crapaud.
Arthur Irving, Tryon.
John M'Rae, Cape Traverse and Seven Mile Bay.
Daniel Green, Bedeque Harbour.
David Betts, Lot 11, Linkletter's Shore.
Simon Fraser, Grand River, Lot 16.
David Ramsay, Lot 13.
John Forsyth, Cascumpec.
Thomas Costin, Lot 3, Big Meminegash.
John M'Neill, Lot 19, Head of Richmond Bay.
George Thomson, sen., Princetown and Darnley.
Benjamin Coffin, (son of Andrew Coffin) Savage Harbour.
Charles Anderson, St, Peter's.
Angus Beaton, East Point.
John Frost, Grand River.

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