1847 RG Liquor Licences

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Royal Gazette, January 5, 1847.

LIST OF PERSONS authorised by LICENCE to Retail Spirituous and other Liquors:



James Purdie,

Messrs. Nelson,

James Peake,

Robert Hutchinson,

Daniel Brenan,

James Niner Harris,

David Wilson,

Nicholas Burns.

William Hewitt.



Edward Kickham,

James Maloney,

Martin Griffin,

David Fraser,

James Toole,

John Heartz,

William Sneestone,

George Lord,

Catherine M 'Eachen

David Stewart.


George Bearisto, Princetown Royalty,
John Duggan, Bedeque,
James Fraser, St. Eleanor 's.



Margaret Sullivan, Georgetown Road;
Richard Bolt, New Glasgow Road;
Robert Seaman, New Glasgow Road;
Jeremiah James, Lot 31;
Samuel Widgery, Lot 31;
William Sweeny, De Sable;
Richard Murphy, New Glasgow Road;
T. Fairbairn, Bonshaw;
Samuel Nicholson, Lot 57, Belfast;
James Moynagh, St. Peter 's Road, 10 Mile House;
Bridget Harrington, Lot 29;
Peter Praught, Lot 49;
John Leonard, Lot 31;
Matthew Redmond, Vernon River;
John Dawson, Charlottetown Royalty;
Thomas Haslam, Lot 67;
Michael Egan, St. Peter 's Road;
Ann Todd, Anderson 's Road;
John Murray, Lot 67;
Malcolm M 'Leod, Orwell.


Robert Forrest, Cape Traverse;
William M 'Ewen, Lot 17;
Robert Walker, New Annan;
Isaac Scales, St. Eleanor 's;
James Henry, Tryon;
Peter Wendover Robinson, Lot 12;
William Tindall, Lot 19;
Margaret Barrett, Lot 19;
James Lyle, Lot 16;
William Glover, St. Eleanor 's;
David Ramsay, Port Hill;
Thomas Hooper, Bedeque;
William Wallace, Lot 18;
Matthew Atkinson, Searle Town, Bedeque.


James Finlay, Lot 52;
John Le Brocq, Georgetown;
Nicholas Edmonds, Lot 66;
Thomas M 'Avoy, Georgetown;
Ezra Wickwire, Georgetown;
Patrick Nowlan, do.;
Hugh Donnelly, Georgetown;
Barney Kearney, Three Rivers;
John Peters, Lot 59;
Joseph Wightman, St. Andrew 's Point.

Charlottetown, January 1st, 1847.

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