Volunteer Infantry Company, 1847

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Volunteer Infantry Company, 1847

From the Islander April 16, 1847.

We have much pleasure in giving insertion to the following document, not only because we are gratified in seeing a handsome sum of money placed at the disposal of the Ladies' Benevolent Society, but we are also happy to have it in out power to record so meritorious an act of charity. We wish the example set by the Officers and men of the Volunteer Infantry Company, may be extensively followed; and thus will a portion of the funds appropriated by the Legislature to assert and maintain the supremacy of the Laws, be still made more extensively to serve a public purpose, by returning again to the public, as the medium of charity and benevolence.


Charlottetown, 15th April, 1847.

SIR: We, the undersigned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of the Volunteer Infantry Company, request you will have the goodness to hand the amount appropriated for our services, while doing duty in the Barracks, to the Ladies' Benevolent Society, in aid of their funds.

We have the honor to remain, Sir,

Yours, &c.,


H. W. Lobban, Captain,

£ 1




F. A. F. Nelson, Lieut.,





E. Love, Sergeant,





C. Squires, do.





G. Weldon, do.





E. Needham, Corporal,





T. Chappell, do.





John G. Fielding, John Scott, Robert McIntire, John L. Godkin, William Boyle, Peter Murphy, Christopher Smith, Richard Smith, James Barrett, F. B. Wright, Charles Saunders, William Bevon, Thomas Robinson, James Carmichael,William Hoar.








The Hon. Colonel Lane

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