P.E.I. Censustakers, 1850

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Journal of the House of Assembly, 1850, Appendix J, page 116.

Census takers in 1850. None of this census exists on PEI. One wonders if it is in the Public Record Office in London.

Lot 1. Nicholas Conroy

Lot 2. John Conroy

Lot 3. Thomas Ruggles

Lot 4. James Broderick

Lot 5. William Woodman

Lot 6. Charles Craswell

Lot 7. Michael Dalton

Lot 8. John Sinclair

Lot 9. Richard Ledstone

Lot 10. Thomas Key

Lot 11. James Warburton

Lot 12. Thomas Gorman

Lot 13. David Ramsay

Lot 14. James E. S. Bagnall

Lot 15. Joseph Higgins

Lot 16. Harry C. Green

Lot 17. James Campbell

Lot 18. Robert Hyndman

Lot 19. William Tindall

Lot 20. James Pidgeon

Lot 21. Duncan McIntyre

Lot 22. Jeremiah Simpson

Lot. 23. William McNeill

Lot 24. William Craswell

Lot 25. James Clark

Lot 26. James C. Pope

Lot 27. Charles Pope

Lot 28. Philips F. Irving

Lot 29. Donald Palmer

Lot 30. Thomas Tod

Lot 31. Josiah Parkins

Lot 32. Owen Curtis

Lot 33. Henry Longworth

Lot 34. David Higgins

Lot 35. Donald McPhee

Lot 36. Francis Kelly

Lot 37. Patrick Bambrick

Lot 38. John McDonald

Lot 39. Thomas Noonan

Lot 40. John Jardine

Lot 41. Peter McCallum

Lot 42. John Ryan

Lot 43. John McIntosh

Lot 44. Alexander Leslie

Lot 45. John McGowan

Lot 46. Donald McDonald

Lot 47. Donald Beaton

Lot 48. Charles Stewart

Lot 49.and Governor's Island, Charles Haszard

Lot 50. Cavendish Willock

Lot 51. James McLaren

Lot 52. James McDonald

Lot 53. Fade Goff

Lot 54. Edward Goff

Lot 55. Patrick Walker

Lot 56. William Underhay

Lot 57. Rev. John McLennan

Lot 58. Joseph Atkinson

Lot 59. Edward Thornton

Lot 60. Allan McDougall

Lot 61. John L. Lewellin

Lot 62. Peter Emery

Lot 63. John Dalziel

Lot 64. James Richards

Lot 65, and St. Peter's Island, John McEwen

Lot 66. Mathew Redmond


Lot 67. Thomas Haslam.


Coun Douly Rankin in Charlottetown and Royalty.

John Thompson in Georgetown and Royalty.

Harry S. McNutt in Princetown and Royalty.

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