Public Notice re: Sarah Power, 1950

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Royal Gazette, Jan. 27, 1850

Note: It is not known for what reason this notice was posted, but it is an interesting document.


This is to certify that we the undersigned, have known SARAH POWER since she came to the North River, and believe her to be a simple, harmless, and chaste woman.

Wm. Cummings

Wm. Howard

Michael Corcoran

John Cummings

D. Robertson

James Corcoran

Roderick McDonald

Maryan Robertson

Joseph M'Kenzie

Margt. M'Donald

Arnold Halloran

Mrs. M'Kenzie

Catherine M. M'Donald

Jane Halloran

Ann M'Donald

Timothy Connor

Mathias Halloran

Ann Corcoran

Thos. Power

Sarah Halloran

John Walsh

Thomas Harrington

Mary Ann Shannon

Joseph Moreshead

Timothy Leary

Maurice Peeter(?)

Miss Moreshead

Catherine Byrne

Daniel Munrow

Neil M'Kinnon

Moses Byrne

Thomas Halloran

John M'Kinnon

Catherine Keough

Thos. Walsh

Miss M'kinnon

Martin Dunn, Jr.

John Sullivan

Hugh M'Kinnon

Martin Dunn

Mrs. E. Walsh

Ann M'Kinnon

Patrick Dunn

Mrs. J. Walsh

Kitty M'Kinnon

Nicholas Moreshead

Thos. Walsh(?)

Malcolm M'Kinnon

Eliza Dunn

Maurice Halloran

Donald M'Kinnon


These are to certify that we have known the bearer, SARAH POWER, for a period of more than Twenty years, and that she always bore the character of an honest, decent, harmless person.

Dated at St. Peter's Bay, 10th November, 1849.

Peter M'Callum,. J. P.

John Jardine, J. P.

John Wilson

John M'Kenzie

Edward Cooke

Samuel Wilson

Murdoch Murray

Thomas Weeks.


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