Scriptural Education, 1850

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Scriptural Education, the Royal Gazette, April 2, 1850.

Scriptural Education:

  1. C. Richardson, Charlottetown, General Agent and Itinerating Catechist.
  2. Mr. John Brooks, Catechist and Schoolmaster, White Sands, and Murray Harbour.
  3. Mr Charles Fowle, Catechist and Schoolmaster, Rustico and Hazel Grove.
  4. Mr. Henry Green, Catechist and Superintendent of Sabbath School, Stanhope.
  5. Mr. George Hubbard, Catechist and Schoolmaster, Brackley Point Road.
  6. Mr. James Easton, Catechist and Schoolmaster, Georgetown.
  7. Mr. Strang Hart, Catechist and Schoolmaster, South Wiltshire and New Bedeque Road.
  8. Bog school, Miss Sarah Harvie.

List of the Corresponding Committee:

Rev. R. Jenkins, President.
Rev. David Fitzgerald,
Captain Orlebar, R. N., Treasurer.
Lieutenant Hancock, R. N.
Theophilus Desbrisay, Esq.
Henry Haszard, Esq.
Mr. Cavie Richardson, the General Agent, secretary.


Expenses of the Bog School, including ½ years rent: £6 6 8.

"The Bog School was opened in April, 1848, and has had in all, 159 scholars.

"The number on the books, at the close of 1849, was 65.

"Many of the elder Scholars remain but a short time, as they are wanted to assist their parents or to go to service, yet it is hoped that by precept, instruction, and example, a good foundation is laid, or good seed sown in their understanding and their heart , which will bear good fruit.

"As the Scholars are so migratory, much cannot be done in individual cases, but the aggregate, if good to a part of our population needing help so much, we trust, will be pleasing to those who love to help those who are so unable to help themselves."

[The Bog was an area that would be today in front of the Shaw Complex on Rochford Street - it was an area of a largely impoverished black population in the mid 1800's. See "Memories of Long Ago", a book by Benjamin Bremner describing early life in Charlottetown - online here on the Island Register]

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