Board of Health, 1851

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Royal Gazette, May 6, 1951.

COUNCIL OFFICE, May 1, 1851.

HIS Excellency the Lieutenant governor in Council has been pleased to appoint William Hamilton Hobkirk, Esq., to be Health Officer for the Port or District of Charlottetown, in the terms of the Act of the general Assembly, intituled "An Act for constituting Boards of Health."


COUNCIL OFFICE, May 1, 1851.

HIS Excellency the Lieutenant Governor in Council was this day pleased to establish Boards of Health, throughout the Island, under the Act of the present Session of the General Assembly, to consist of the following persons:

Charlottetown and Royalty

Conn(?) Douly Rankin

William W. Lord

John Williams

Charles Dempsey

Robert Wade

Benjamin Chappell

William M'Gill

William Crabbe

John Kennedy

James D. Lawson

Silas Barnard

Charles Wright

R. B. Irving.


Princetown and Royalty

Rev. Doctor Kier

Robert Craig

Thomas MacNutt

William Clark

George Beairsto

Lewis J. Christie

George Sinclair.


Saint Peter's

John B. Cox

John Sutherland

Richard Hayes

Charles Dingwell

Kemble Coffin

James Anderson

Charles Hill Lydiard.



John Macgowan

Alexander Leslie

Patrick Scully

John Knight

Donald Beaton

James A. M'Eachern

John M'Lellan.



Allan Forsyth

Nicholas Conroy

Charles Craswell

Herbert Bell

William Woodman

Alexander Meggieson

James Forsyth.


Bedeque and St.Eleanor's

Horatio Nelson Hope

Joseph Bell

Stephen Wright

James C. Pope

James J. Fraser (?)

George Walsh

Daniel Green, Sen.



William Hodges

William Craswell

Robert Orr

Henry Blatch

John Doiront

James M'Callum

John R. Bott.


New London

Donald Montgomery

James Pidgeon

John C. Sims

George M'Kay

John M'Leod

Duncan M'Intyre

Thomas Pickering.


Bay Fortune

William Underhay

James Dingwell

Daniel Flynn

Joseph Coffin

Joseph Dingwell

John E. M'Donald, (Little Pond)

John Aitken

John Frost

John Underhay.



Hugh M>Donald

Edward Thornton

Joseph Wightman

William Sanderson

Robert Cameron

Martin Byrne

Finlay M>Neill.


Murray Harbour and White Sands

James Richards

Thomas Clow

David Crichton

John Hyde

George Harris

William Clements

John Dalziel.


Wood Islands and Belfast

Allan M'Dougall

Peter Emery (or Emory)

John Nicholson

Joseph Atkinson

John McDougall

Simon M'Kinnon

Samuel Murchieson

Roderick Morrison

Richard Gill.


Crapaud, Cape Traverse, and Seven Mile Bay.

John Lord

Donald Palmer

Samuel E. Dawson

John Clark

Thomas Hockin

John Bell

Donald Manson

Allan M'Kinnon

Charles Muttart.



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