1855 - Patriotism Crimean War Style

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From the Islander, Friday February 16, 1855

Subscriptions for the Crimean War


On Friday evening, February 2nd, a Public Meeting was held at Mr. David Ramsay's in favour of the above object, which is at the present time exciting so much interest both in England and the Colonies. A large number of persons were present on the occasion, and a very loyal and patriotic feeling was exhibited. At the request of the meeting, the Rev. H. B. Swabey occupied the Chair, and Captain Wm. Richards was appointed Secretary and Treasurer. The Chairman having briefly stated the object of the meeting, and having read the extracts from the Royal Commission, the following resolutions were unanimously passed:-

1st. Moved by Mr. David Ramsay, seconded by Captain Richards, That this meeting is desirous of expressing its sympathy in behalf of the widows and orphans of those brave men who have fallen in a foreign land, when asserting the sacred cause of liberty.

2nd. Moved by Mr. Neil Ramsay, seconded by Mr. T. Birch, That it is the bounden duty of the British Colonies to emulate, as far as possible, the bright example which has been set them by the Mother Country, in contributing towards the alleviation of the temporal wants of those who have been deprived of their chief earthly support.

3rd. Moved by the Rev. H. B. Swabey, seconded by Mr. Thomas Birch, That while the brilliant success which has attended the British arms demands our tribute of admiration, we are in a greater degree called upon to shew our gratitude to God, who is alone the author and the giver of all victories.

4th. Moved by the Rev. Mr. McLeod, seconded by Mr. Alexander McArthur, That the unlooked for and extraordinary alliance between the arms of France and England, in defending the peace of Europe from the despotic power of an unprincipled aggressor [Russia], encourages us to hope that the bonds of amity may be strengthened between these great and formerly hostile nations.

5th. Moved by Mr. Ryan, seconded by Mr. Webb, That the understood intention of the Legislature to follow the example of Canada and Nova Scotia, in appropriating a sum of money towards the objects of this meeting, meets with our cordial assent.

6th. Moved by Mr. Sullivan, seconded by Mr. Archibald Ramsay, That the female portion of our Settlements be respectfully solicited by the executive committee, to contribute some Island manufactured socks towards supplying the wants of our brave and hardy soldiers.

7th. Moved by Mr. Donald Ramsay, seconded by Mr. John Montgomery, That this meeting would express a hope that, should the war continue, men would be found within this Island and the Colonies generally, who would offer their valuable services to their Queen and country.

8th. Moved by Mr. John Ramsay, seconded by Mr. Henry Fallen, That this meeting entertaining a just sense of the horrors of war, would indulge a hope that the day is fast approaching when God will restore to the nations of the world the blessing of peace.

9th. It was moved and seconded, That the following gentlemen be appointed as an Executive Committee, to solicit subscriptions within Lots 11, 12, 13, and 14. In Lot 11- Messrs. Alex. McKay, Patrick Murphy, sen, Thomas Boyles, Archd Ramsay. In Lot 12 - Messrs. Wm. Ellis, George Ellis, Henry Swabey, John England. In Lot 13 - Messrs. David Ramsay, James Yeo, Wm. Richards, Archd Montgomery. In Lot 14 -Messrs. Neil Ramsay, P. Birch, John Cann, Lauchlan Gillis.

10th. It was moved and seconded, That Capt. Richards be requested to act as Secretary to the Executive Committee, with power to receive all subscriptions that may be collected at this meeting, and afterwards to transmit the same with as little delay as possible to the Queen's Paymaster General.

11th. It was moved and seconded, That the report of this meeting be inserted in all the Island papers.

The thanks of the meeting having been given to the Chairman, three cheers were given for the Queen, for our brave Allies the French and the Emperor of the French, also three cheers for Lord Raglan, and one more cheer for the success of the British arms at Sebastopol.

The following subscription list was then opened, amounting to £20 14s 3d. As the list will remain open to the end of the month, we hope that sum will be considerably increased. We must also add, that the names of two of the most wealthy men in our community appear elsewhere in the subscription lists for the Patriotic Fund - the Hon. James Warburton having given £5 in Charlottetown, and James Yeo, Esq. M. P. P., has also given £5 at St. Eleanor's.


William Richards, Donald Inglis, John Ellis, Thomas Boyle, Prussia Birch, Alex. McKay, Lauchlan Gillis, George Ellis, David Ramsay, William Adams, John Campbell, William Warburton, Richard Warburton, Jeremiah McArthur, George Carrol, Alex. McArthur, Archd. McLellan, Martin Ryan, John McIntosh, Arther Dogherty, Henry Folland, Thomas Birch, Dougald McArthur, Rev. H. B. Swabey, William Ellis, John Yeo, James Webb, Rev. John McLeod, Hillary Inglis, Capt. D. McIntosh, Hugh McIntosh, Archd Montgomery, Alex. McLellan, James Pawe, Hugh McKenzie, James Ellis (John's son), Donald C. Ramsay, Michael Ramsay, John Ramsay, Neil Ramsay, John Ramsay (Neil's son), Dugald McArthur, John Hearkness, Archd Ramsay, David Smith, John Walker, Christopher Pawe, Sebastian Davidson, Dennis Birch, Thomas Adams, John Barlow, James C. Rodd, George Lock, Thomas Key, Sarah Key.

The Local Committee met at the School House at Princetown Royalty on February 6, 1855.

Thomas McNutt, Esquire, was requested to take the Chair, and Mr Francis McNutt to act as Secretary....

The following gentlemen were named as a Committee to take charge of a Subscription List: B Robert McNutt, Benjamin Bearisto, Thomas McNutt, Donald McLellan, George Thompson, and Donald Ramsay, Esquires, and Mr. Francis L. McNutt to act as Secretary and Treasurer. The sum of £11 12s, 3, was cheerfully subscribed:

Thomas McNutt, Benjamin Bearisto jun., Robert McNutt, John Keir, George Thomson, James Bearisto, George Bearisto, John Owen, Benjamin Bearisto, sen, Malcolm McGougan, John K. Bearisto, Archibald McGougan, John Campbell, George Mountain, Francis L. McNutt, James F. McNutt, George Ramsay

Patriotic Contributions to the Crimean War, Feb. 17, 1855, Haszard's Gazette....Update...

According to previous announcement a public meeting was held in Brudenell chapel, to consider the propriety of aiding widows and orphans of the brave soldiers who have fallen in the War in the east.

The Rev. John Knox occupied the chair; Mr. Peter Stewart addressed the assembly; he was followed by Arthur Owen, Esq. A subscription list was opened and about £17 were subscribed in a few minutes.

Messrs. James Collins, Donald Robertson, W. McLaren, Samuel Mutch, and Daniel McDonald were appointed a committee to solicit additional subscriptions. The following is the complete list.

Donald McDonald, New Perth

Donald McDonald, (Mill)

William McDonald

Duncan McDonald

James McDonald

John Dewar

James McLaren, Esq.

John McLaren

Arthur Owen, Esq.

John Robertson

Mrs. John Robertson

Miss Elizabeth Robertson

Malcolm McLean

Deacon Peter Stewart

James Collins

John H. Morrow

John MacNiel

Donald Shaw

Daniel Gordon

James Finlay, sen.

James Finlay, jun.

William Finlay

Mary Ann Finlay

John Hamilton

James Hamilton

Alexander Smith

Dugald Ferguson

Stephen Shaw

Alexander Stewart

John Collins

Anthony Collins

William Ferguson

George Mellish

Thomas Mellish

John Huddard Norton

William Duncan

John Donohue

Edward Poole, Brudenell River

John Stewart (Bridge)

John Stewart, Teacher

Miss Isabella Stewart

James McVean

George Moor (Deacon)

William Sargent, Esq.

M. Blisset

Alexander Robertson

Mrs. Alexander Robertson

James Dewar

Robert Dewar

John McLaren

Donald Stewart, jun.

Donald Stewart (Deacon)

Donald McLaren

Donald Robertson, Montague

Duncan Robertson

Archibald McLaren

Philip Beers, Esq.


From the Examiner, April 30, 1855

[Collected in Charlottetown]

From (Collected by) Hon. Major J. P. Beete, and Rev. Mr. McMurray: ,29 11 9.

Wm. Wright, Wm. Cairns, Wm. Duchemin, Mrs. Duchemin, Miss J. H. Duchemin, Miss Sophia Duchemin, Miss Eliza Duchemin, Miss Ella Duchemin, Miss Vanidistine, F. Harris, Eliza Seldon, Wm. Jakeman, Thomas Essery, Wm. Snelgrove, John Godkin, Hon. Capt. Rice Cash, Mrs. Crabb, Samuel Westacott, Daniel Boughton, Mrs. Travers, Samuel Martin, Thomas Crutchell, Mary Matthews, James Matthews, G. Beer, jun., Robert Rennie, Mark Butcher, George Beer, John Turner, Ralph Brecken, Archibald Buchannan, John Stentiford, Silas Barnard, John Fielding, Thomas Parsons, Small sums: Charles Desbrisay, Charles Young, Henry Smith, John McNeill, Benj. Davies, Thomas Alley.

From the Rev. Charles Lloyd and Capt. Orlebar, in Ward No. 1: ,24 17s.

James Purdie, James McLean, Mrs. McLean, Donald Nicholson, Captain Dodd, Mrs. Williams, James Rotchfort, J. Murphy, Peter Loughran, Mr. & Mrs. Harvie, Miss Sarah Harvey, Mrs. Maloney, Ann Maloney, J. Fleming, Patrick Clooney, Wm. B. Dawson, John C. Binns, Mrs. J. C. Binns, Terence McDonald, Mrs. O'Hara, George W. Deblois, Robert Hutchinson, Mrs. Hutchinson, Misses Hutchinson, Rev. C. Lloyd, A Friend, Judge Peters, Henry Cundall, I. McQuarrie, John Jury, jun., Thomas Dawson, Wm. Douse, Rev. Dr. Jenkins, James Carmichael, Richard Burdett, George A. Thresher.

From John Longworth, Esq., and Hon, George Coles, in ward No. 4: ,20 3s.

George Birnie, W. B. Davison, Wm. Cundall, John Gainsford, W. C. Hobs, James Milner, Archibald Kennedy, A Friend, Wm. Smardon, James Cantelo, Wm. Heard, A Friend, David Stewart, George Ellison, L. W. Warren, Janes Coles, jun., James Coles, sen., Charles Saunders, George Moore, John Gates, Wm. Moreton, Ewen McDonald, J. H. Gates, James Offer, John Harper, John Kennedy, Alex McKenzie, James Watts, jun., Thomas Green, Philip Cahill, Job Bevan, James Bevan, Richard Menley, Philip Lane, Thomas Jaques, James Duncan, John Yeo

From Rev. Snodgrass, in Ward No. 2: ,52 1s.

A. H. Yates, J. M. Stark, W. R. Watson, J. C. McDonald+Charles McNutt, Dugald McNutt, Wm. Brown, Neil Rankin, John Scott, Malcolm McLean, Malcolm McDonald, H. Pope Welch, William Welch, Charles Welch, John W. Morrison, T. A. Montgomery, J. B. Pollard, George enderson, James McCraith, W. W. Skinner, Daniel Davies, George Davies, John McGill, W. W. Lord, Samuel Nelson, James Romans, Friend, James Stanley, Wm. Cooke, James McLeod, John McQuade, Kenneth McKenzie, Richard Locket, Owen Connolly, Samuel Batt, James E. S. Bagnall, H. J. Calbeck, Charles Dempsey, John Costley, Robert Stewart, James N. Harris, Neil Blew, James McLeod, Wm. Sneeston, John Stewart, George Foster, Friend, James Scantlebury, Henry Palmer, Edward P. Love, Charles Scott, Thomas Mann, James Evans, David A. Bears, James McLeod, A Friend, Wm. Duke, James Bain, Thomas Bertram, John Rigg, W. T. P., Thomas Robinson, Miss Stewart, Mrs. C. D. Rankin, James Davis

From Rev. Mr. Phelan and H. Hazsard, Esq., in Ward No. 3:

E. L. Lydiard, Rev. T. Phelan, John Ings, G. F. C. Lowden, Joseph Hazlewood, Martin Phelan, James Peebles, Dr. Conroy, T. B. Tremain, John Wilson, Wm Hickey, Martin Hogan, Maurice Menigan, James Brehaut, Mrs. Blake, Thomas Gleeson, Sylvester Sallinger, Francis McKenna, James J. Rice, A Friend, Dennis Reddin, James Carroll, Cormick McAvoy, John Murray, James McDonald, James O'Rielly, John McNeil, James Barrett, John Reneuf, J. McEachren, John Percival, Wm. Hewit, W. H. Badge, Henry Ellis, Donald McFadyen, Patrick Slattery, Duncan Mattheson, Thomas Carroll, Artemas Sims, Alex Larkin, Philip McFadyen, Joseph Weeks, Richard Fitzgerald, George Brace, Patrick Boyle, Hugh McPhail, Daniel Brenan, Patrick Toole, Mrs. Barnstead, Mrs. J. Walsh, James Hudson, Jeremiah Dwyer, Richard Kearney, John J. McDonald, Edward Carey, Joseph McLellan, Wm. Shaw, Peter Callahan, John Reid, Donald McIsaac, Michael Grant, John Carroll, Charles Stewart, Albert Hensley, Robert Mooney, Archibald McNeill, A Friend, Charles Dalgleish, Patrick Walker, J. T. Thomas, Wm. E. Dawson, S. Prouse, John McAusland, J. R. Watt, J. W. Cairns, John Gibson, James Proctor, Archibald White, Charles Binns, Peter Halloran, Charles Squires, Daniel McKinnon, Roderick McLellan, George Lockerby, Wm. Kelly, John Breen, John McKaig, Wm. Reid, Neil McCannell, N. LePage, Robert Potts, James Currie, Henry White, James Desbrisay, Stephen O'Mara, John Williams, Wm. Gill, John Trenaman, John Stumbles, Christopher Smith, Robert Weeks, Wm. Weeks, F. W. Hales, J. D. Haszard, D. O'Mara Reddin, James D. Mason, James Handrahan, James Anderson, John McKinnon, Wm Carter, James Connell, James Morris, Edward Palmer, Henry Charlton, James Cahill, Wm McGuiggan, Arnold Halloran, James Doyle, Thomas Fennessy, John Nicholl, John Hobs, Henry Galloway

May 5, 1855 The Examiner
The newspaper being transcribed is in very poor condition; many of the names are only guesses.


(Continued from our last)

Ewen Bell, Edward Martin, Henry Stamper, Robert Bell, Charles Bell, John Bell, George T. Haszard, Henry Harvey, Wm. Hodges, Thomas LePage, Daniel Hodgson, Patrick Furlong, John McLeod, Peter Desbrisay, James Higgs, Mrs. Higgs, James Tierney (?), Robert McIntyre(?), Richard Heard (?), Robert Mayhew, George Allan, Rev. D.(?) Fitzgerald, George Booles (?), Margaret Barman, John Scott, Wellington Nelson, Ronald Walker, Dugald McDonald, Hon. J. M. Holl, Mrs. Sarah White, William White, Heath Haviland.

Received from Rev. John Knox, from New Perth, Georgetown Road:--£17 19 0
D'ld McDonald, sen, D'ld McDonald, jun., Wm. McDonald, Duncan McDonald, James McDonald, John Dewar, James McLaren, Esq., John McLaren, Arthur Owen, Esq., John Robinson, Mrs. J. Robinson, Miss Elizabeth Robinson, Daniel Gordon, John McNeill, John H. Morrow, James Collins, Donald Shaw, James Finlay, sen., James Finlay, jun., Wm. Finlay, Mary Ann Finlay, Peter Stewart, Alex. Smith, John Hamilton, James Hamilton, Dugald Ferguson, Stephen Shaw, Alex. Stewart, Malcolm McLean, John Collins, Anthony Collins, Wm. Ferguson, George Mellish, Thomas Mellish, John H. Norton, Wm. Duncan, John Donahoe.

Per Rev. John Knox, from Brudenell River:--£5 14 0
Wm. Sargent, John Stewart(Bridge), John Stewart, jun., Miss Isabella Stewart, James McVane, M. Blisset, George Moore, Donald Stewart, sen., Donald Stewart, jun., Alex. Robertson, Mrs. Alex. Robertson, John McLaren, Donald McLaren, Peter McLaren, James Dewar, Robert Dewar, Edward Poole.

Per Rev. John Knox, from Montague River:-- £4 15 0
Donald Robinson, Duncan Robinson, Philip Beers, Wm. Emery, Robert Dewar, Daniel Dewar, Samuel Mutch, James C. Campbell, Donald D. Campbell, Alex. Campbell, Joseph Campbell, James Campbell, Miss Jessie Campbell, Mrs. Peter Campbell, Archibald McLaren.

Per Rev. John Knox, from Baldwin's Road:--£1 11 3
Wm. McLaren, John Robinson, John Samphy, Magnus Moore.

From Mr. Ronald McDonald, Pisquid East, Teacher,
Treasurer of the Local Committee:- £1 16 9
Ronald McDonald, Angus McCannell, Wm. McCannell, Allan Grant, John Clarke, George Miller(?), Rev. Pius(?) McPhee, James Farquharson, Donald Gillis, Augna (?) Gillis, Mary Gillis, James Jay, George Jay.

From Mr. Linus Walker, Pisquid East, Teacher,
Treasurer of the Local Committee:--£ 2 11 6
Linus Walker, Alex. McDonald, Bornish, Hilary McDonald, Alex. McDonald, Mount Clement, Alex. McDonald, James McDonald, Elder ....Field(?), Angus McDonald, do., Donald McDonald, Bornish, James McDonald, do., John McDonald, do., John Brit, Wm. Brit.

From Mr. Alex, McNeill, Teacher, Mount Mellick District School, Township 49,
Treasurer of the Local Committee:--£ 8 0 7.
Alex. McRae, Samuel Drake, Alex. McDougall, John Hayley, Rev. A. B. Black, Wm. Jenkins, jun., George Bollum, John Jenkins, Neil Curry, Wm. Bollum, Thomas Wood, Joseph Wood, Nicholas Jenkins, George Jenkins, Nicholas Jenkins, B. H. (?), John Jenkins, Wm. Jenkins, Thomas Burhoe, Wm. Cairn, Wm. Acorn, John W. Acorn, Martin Jackman, John Corrigan, Wm. Mitchell, John Mitchell, Thomas Murray, Timothy Weatherbe, Henry Green, James Jenkins.

From Mr. Alexander McNeill, Teacher of the Mount Mellick District School, Township 49, being the offerings of Pupils in his School, £1 3s.
Philip S. Lane, J. R. McDougall, Joseph Hayley, John Burns, Patrick Cairn, Peter Cairn, J. R. A. McNeill, Wm. McNeill, Alex. McDougall, Sarah Praught, Catherine Praught, Elizabeth Acorn, M. E. McDougall, Elizabeth Acorn(?), May Ann Lane, Angus Praught, Jane Acorn, Susan Acorn, Esther McLellan, Eliza McDougall, Ann Haley, Mary Haley, John T. Mellish, Lydia Ann Palmer, John V. McDonald, Mary Cairns, Charles Acorn, Roderick Vesey, John Acorn, Wm. Acorn, Christiana Ann McRae, Catherine Mellish.

From Mr. W. H. Richardson, Teacher of Stanhope District School,
Treasurer of the Local Committee:--£9 17 11
Henry Green, Peter Higgins, Alex. McMillan, Alex. McLauchlin, Wm. D. Lawson, John C. Lawson, Neil Shaw, Angus McMillan, Wm. Seaman, jun., Wm. Seaman, Alex. Shaw, Duncan Shaw, John Shaw, David Lawson, J. P., Wm. Lawson, David Lawson, jun., George Foster, Thomas Foster, Henry Foster, Isaac Foster, Robert Hudson, William Hudson, David Douglass, W. H. Richardson, William Higgins, Stephen B. Higgins, John Campbell, George Lawson, William Higgins, John Lawson, F. Alexander & Son, Alexander Oxley, Neil Leitch, John Leitch, Duncan Shaw, Neil Darrach, Wm. Lawson, jun., George Brodie, Albert Bovyer.

From Hazsard's Gazette, February 3, 1855

St. Peter's Bay Area:

Resolved, that the following persons be appointed as an Executive Council to solicit subscriptions throughout this section of the County:

Rev. Henry Crawford, Hon. John Jardine, John Benjamin Cox, Esq., Mr. John Sutherland, Mr. Edward Needham, Mr. John Leslie, Mr. William Sterns, Mr. Roderick McIntyre, J. W. Alleyne, Esq., Mr. Benjamin B. Coffin, Mr. Sampson Farquharson, John McDonald, Esq., of Alisary, Mr. Thomas Noonan, Mr. James McEwen, David's son, Mr. Edward Webster, Mr. Joseph McVarish, Mr. James McKay, Mr. John Steel, Mr. John Ryan, Mr. John McIntosh. The Rev. Henry Crawford to be Secretary and Treasurer.

A subscription paper in aid of this fund was opened, and it has been signed as follows:-

John Sutherland

John Leslie

Edward Needham

William Sterns

Charles Dingwell

Henry Crawford

A Lady, per Henry Crawford

David Anderson

John A. McLain

John Jardine

Charles Robert Sanderson

John F. McKay

Montague Coffin

William Coffin, sen.

George Sanderson, Captain

William Coffin, jun.

Charles Sanderson, sen.

William Mobbs (Mobbsy?)


From Hazsard's Gazette, March 14, 1855.

From the Stanhope District.

W. H. Richardson acted as Secretary and Treasurer; Mr. Henry Green took the Chair.

It was resolved that the following gentlemen do compose the said Committee: Messrs. Henry Green, Francis Alexander, David Douglas, W. H. Richardson, and David Lawson, Esq.

Subscription List:--

David Lawson, J. P.

William Lawson, sen.

David Lawson, jun.

George Foster

Thomas Foster

Isaac Foster

Robert Hodgson

William Hodgson

Henry Green

Peter Higgins

Alexander McMillan

Alexander McLaughlin

William D. Lawson

James C. Lawson

Neil Shaw

Alexander Shaw

Duncan Shaw

John Shaw

Angus McMillan

William Seaman, jun.

William Seaman, sen.

James Alexander and son

Alexander Oxley

Neil Leitch

John Leitch

Neil Darrach

William Lawson, jun.

George Bradie

Albert Bovyer

David Douglas

Wm. H. Richardson

Wm. Higgins, sen.

Stephen B. Higgins

John Campbell

George Lawson

William Higgins

John Lawson, Tracadie.


Total £9 17 11

At a Meeting of the inhabitants of Savage Harbor and French Village, holden at the School House on Thursday the 11th day of Jan. 1855, called in compliance, with a requisition from the Central Committee, Charlottetown, addressed to Mr. James Ross, Teacher, Mr. Benjamin A. Coffin in the Chair, Mr. J. Ross, Secretary. The following gentlemen were appointed a Committee to receive contributions, viz: Messrs. Elisha Coffin, Joseph Coffin, Neil McInnis, Edmund Coffin and Daniel Pigot, who have reported that they have collected the sum of £6 7s.


Elisha Coffin, sen.

Edmund Coffin

James Coffin

Benjamin B. Coffin

Benjamin A. Coffin

Widow S. Coffin

Joseph Coffin

Charles Coffin

Benjamin Coffin, Esq.

James Ross

Elisha Coffin, jun.

James Coffin

Artemas Coffin

Cornelius McIntyre

John McAskill

Duncan McInnes

Miss Ellen McInnes

Neal McInnes

Edward Doyle

Angus McInnis

Duncan McInnes

David Pigot

James Pigot

John Pigot

Hugh McKinnon

Angus McKinnon

Mary Doyle

Angus McCormack

John Morrison

Patrick Feeher (Feehen?)

Daniel Feeher


Joseph M'Cormic

James Vincent M'Cormac

Agnes M'Cormic

John McInnis

From Haszard's Gazette, March 17, 1855


Robert Stewart, Royalty

George Sinclair

Allan M'Neill, George Sinclair, Lot 18


E. S. Crafer

Alexander M'Lean

John Coughlan, Junr.

John Champion, Junr.

John Ramsay, Town Road

Mr. James M'Kay

Duncan M'Gougan

Benjamin Thompson

Robert Thomas

Mr. B. Thompson

Peter G. Thompson

George Bearisto, jun

James Henderson

Duncan Bearisto

William E. Dunn

William E. Crozier

Daniel Woodside

Donald M'Gougan

George Ellison

A Friend.

Received from Mr. Francis L. M'Nutt, Treasurer of Princetown Local Committee of the above sum of Seven Pounds Seventeen Shillings and sixpence, with the further sum of Eleven Pounds Twelve Shillings and three pence subscribed at the Public Meeting. (Subscribers names previously published.) In aid of the Patriotic fund, in all Nineteen Pounds Nine Shillings and nine pence.

The Treasurer of the Patriotic Fund begs to acknowledge the receipt of ten Shillings from Duncan M'Lean, Esq., New London in aid of the Patriotic Fund.

From the February 17, 1855 issue of Haszard's Gazette. Page 1, Column 3.

Subscribers of the Orwell North, School District.

Robert S. Finley

John M'Dougall

William Finley

John M'Queen

Allan M'Dougall

Angus M'Queen

Duncan M'Dougan

Malcolm Gillis

Donald M'Donald

Peter Nicholson

Alex. McLeod

Allan M'Dougall

Alex. Curry

Alex. M'Dougall

Donald Curry

Henry Huntly

John Furness, sen.

Thomas Furness

John Furness, junr.

John Brooks

James Sherren, sen.

James Sherren, junr

Donald Murchison

William Carr

William Cloney (?)

James Kioghly (?)

John M'Leod

James Currie

Collected by Alexander Nicholson.

Subscribers in Brudenell.

James C. Campbell

Donald D. Campbell

William Emery

Alexander Campbell

Joseph Campbell

James Campbell

Miss Jessie Campbell

Mrs. P. Campbell

Deacon Robert Dewar

Daniel Dewar

Samuel Mutch

William McLaren, Baldwin's Road

John Robertson

John Sanphy

Magnus Moor


£29 10. 0

February 24, 1855, Haszard's Gazette

Rose Valley, Lot 67.

Alexander Dixon, Esq.

Malcolm McLeod

John Fitzgerald

John McKenzie

Donald McNeil

Malcolm McLean

Donald McRae

Malcolm Gillis

Roderick Gillis

Donald McLeod

Donald McDonald, Jr.

Murdock McKinnon

Murdock McLennan

John McLennan

John McLean

John McKenzie, Sr.

John McDonald

John Matheson

Donald Matheson

Alexander McDonald

Samuel Nicholson

Charles McKinnon

John McKenzie

Archy Gillis

Donald McDonald

Ewen Gillis

Ellen McKenzie

Margaret McKenzie

Margaret McKenzie, Sen.

Mrs. Samuel Nicholson

Mrs. Roderick Gillis


Mrs. Malcolm McLean

Mrs. Murdock McLennan

Mrs. Malcolm Gillis


Mrs. John Matheson

Euphenia McKenzie

Janet McLeod

John McKay

£3 3 0.

Feb 28, Haszard's Gazette.

(No location)

Roderick Cameron

Alexander Murcheson

Kenneth McKenzie

Alexander McLean.


£4 0 9.

March 31, Haszard's Gazette.

From Mr. Elias Roberis (Roberts?,) Teacher of Anglo-Rustico, Lot 24, £5 10 3.

John Clark

James Orr

Elias Roberts

William Craswell

William Craswell, jun.

Christopher Bulman

Robert Bunting

Samuel Duncan

James Houston

Robert Stephenson

Donald McCormack

Thomas Winnacott

James Duncan

Philip Gaudet

John Fairclough

Edward Tombs

Thomas Bulman

David Clark

Joseph Tombs

Henry Craswell

Charles Craswell

Miss Duncan

Elizabeth Pack

Robert Bunting

George Gallant.


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