Poor List, 1855

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Expenditure of the Bazaar Funds to the 7th of March 1855.

From Haszard's Gazette, March 17, 1855.

Paid to Mr. Broderick for the use of the R. Catholic Poor £20.

Distributed to the Protestant Poor:

District No. 1.
Margaret Smith, Mrs. Evans 1s 6d each.
Mrs. Godfrey 2s 3d.
50 lbs of Oatmeal distributed 9s 11/2d.
Jeremiah Bryant and family (sent to the Country) £1 10s 6d.

No. 2.
Mrs. M'Masters 13s 1d; Widow Farmer 2s 9d; Widow Smith 1s 6d.

No. 3.
Mrs. Tuckwell 14s; Goldsworthy 2s 6d.

No. 4.
Load of Wood to Blacks 6s.
Do. Mrs. Godfrey 6s.
Cripple Woman from Country 1s 6d.

No. 5.
Mrs. Kier £1 8d; Mrs. M'Nevin £2 18s 6d.
Mrs. Brenan £1 5s 9d; Mrs. Roach 4s 9d.
Mrs. Dibbin £1 2s 10d; Mrs. Collins 5s 3d.
Mary Wall 9s 6d; Eliza Kendall 6s.
Mrs. Keating £1 13s 6d.
Mrs. Collins for little Gorges (?) £1.
Sally Macatee 12s.
Quilt to Murphy 10s.

No. 6.
Alexander Smith 2s 3d.
Wood for Mrs. M'Donald 3s 3d.

No. 8.
Mrs. Gunn £1 12s.

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