Levee at Government House, 1861

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From The Islander, Jan 4, 1861

His Excellency, the Lieutenant Governor, and Mrs. Dundas, held a Levee at Government House on New Year's Day. This was, we believe, the most numerously attended Levee hitherto held in this Island. The presence of a large number of Militia and Volunteer Officers, in full uniform, imparted to it an unusual brilliant and animated character. His Excellency and Mrs. Dundas, we thought, looked remarkably well, - a sure indication that out climate agrees well with both of them. That they may live to enjoy many happy returns of the present festive season, is, we are sure, not only the wish of all present at Government House yesterday, but it is that also of the inhabitants of P. E. Island generally.


The following Gentlemen had the privilege of the Entree:-

Hon. Robert Hodgson, Chief Justice

Hon. James H. Peters, Assistant Judge

Hon. Edward Palmer, President Executive Council

Hon. J. H. Gray, Member Executive Council

Hon. T. H. Haviland, Jr., do.

Hon. John Longworth, do.

Hon. T. H. Haviland, Mayor of Charlottetown City

Hon. Charles Young, LL.D., Pres. Legis.

W. H. Pope, Esq., Colonial Secretary

Frederick Brecken, Esq. Attorney General

Rear Admiral Bayfield

Lieut. Col. Stewart, Adjutant General

Commander Orlebar, Commanding Naval Survey.


The following Gentlemen had the honor of being presented to His Excellency:-

Hon. John Aldous, Commissioner of Crown Lands

John Arbuckle, Esq. A.M., Inspector of Schools

Mr. Frederick Bradley

Mr. George R. Beer

Doctor F. D. Beer

Captain Beer, Southport Volunteers

Lieut Ralph Brecken 1st Queen's County Regt.

Lieut. Bell, do.

George Beer, Esq. M. P. P.,

Joseph Ball, Esq., J. P.

Mr. William Brown

Hon. Daniel Brenan

Lieut, W. C. Bourke, 2nd Queen's County Regt.

John Bell, Esq. J. P.

J. S. Bremner, Esq., Asst. Controller Customs

John Brecken, Esq., City Councillor

Henry Callbeck, Esq. J. P.

Robert Crawford, Esq., Registrar of Deeds

W. Clifton, Esq., Royal Navy

Mr. Henry J. Cundall

Mr. Ponsonby Camilleri

E. A. Carey, Esq., Royal Navy

Hon. George Coles, M. P. P.

J. B. Cox, Esq., J. P.

J. B. Cooper, Esq., J. P.

Donald Currie, Esq. AssistantClerk Ex. Council.

William Cundall, Esq., J. P.

Ensign Dawson, Prince of Wales Volunteers

Mr. J. W. Dalgleish

Thomas DesBrisay, Esq., Royal Navy

Mr. George Davies

Rev. Thomas Duncan

Benjamin Desbrisay, Esq.

Lieut. Davies, Volunteer Artillery

Major Davies, Queen's County Volunteer Cavalry

Theophilus DesBrisay, Esq., J. P

Captain DeBlois, 1st Queen's County Regt.

Charles Dempsey, Esq. J. P.

Charles Dalgleish, Esq. J. P.

Captain Faught, 1st Queen's County Regiment

Ensign Faught, do.

Lieut. Forgan, do.

Rev. David FitzGerald

Hon. William Forgan, M. L. C.

Capt. Gates, Queen's Co. Vol. Cavalry

Ensign Gates, do.

Dr. Elzear Gauvreau

Hon. Joseph Hensley

James D. Haszard, Esq. J. P.

Daniel Hodgson, Esq. J. P., Clerk of the Crown

Robert Haythorne, Esq. J. P.

Lieut. R. R. Hodgson, Prince of Wales Volunteers

John Haszard, Esq., J. P.

Henry Haszard, Esq. J. P.

William Heard, Esq. J. P.

Hon Robert Hutchinson, M. L.C.

Mr. Edward Hodgson,

Dr. Hammond Johnson,

Professor Ingles,

Dr. Henry Jarvis,

John Ings, Esq., Queen's Printer,

Hon. Dr. Johnson, M. L. C.

Capt. Kelly, 1st Queen's County Regt.

Lieut Col. Longworth, do.

Hon. W. W. Lord,

John Lawson, Esq. City Recorder,

Mr. Henry Longworth,

Captain Lea, Prince of Wales Volunteers,

Mr. Artemas Lord,

Mr. Leeming,

Robert Longworth, Esq. J. P.,

William Matheson, Esq. J. P.

John Morris, Esq. J. P.

Lieut. Morris, Volunteer Artillery,

Mr. James D. Mason,

Mr. William Monk,

Captain McRae, Nova Scotia Rifles,

Mr. Ezra Moore,

Mr. Parker Merrill,

J. A. Mcdonald, Esq. J. P., Glenaladale,

Doctor Mackieson,

Captain Murphy, Irish Rifles,

Lieut. Col. Macgowan, Staff Adjutant,

Rev. Angus McDonald

Donald McIsaac, Esq. J. P.

J. W. Morrison, Esq. Road Correspondent,

Mr. Augustus Mackieson,

John McNeill, Esq., Clerk, House of Assembly,

Mr. James Moore

Wellington Nelson, Esq., Sergeant at Arms,

Lemuel Owen, Esq. Postmaster General,

James Purdie, Esq. J. P.

Henry Palmer, Esq., Usher Black Rod,

Captain Pollard, Volunteer Artillery,

Charles Palmer, Esq.,

Mr. John LePage,

Mr. William Pethick,

Major Rankin, 1st Queen's County Regt.

James Reddin, Esq.,

Mr. Richard Sloggett,

Captain Smith, 1st Queen's County Regt.

Mr. Scott,

Rev. George Sutherland,

Mr. Herbert Turner,

Capt. Vaux, 1st Queen's County Regt.

Lieut Watson, Queen's County Volunteer Cavalry,

J. H Webster, Esq., Master Normal School,

Hon. Patrick Walker, M. L C.

George Wright, Esq., Colonial Treasurer,

Mr. Benjamin Wright,

Lieut. Ronald Walker,

Mr. William Welsh,

Charles Wright, Esq. J. P.,

Lieut. Welch, 1st Queen's County Regt.

Albert Y. Yates, Esq., City Councillor.


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