Distressed Weavers Relief, 1863

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

From The Islander, January 23, 1863.

Subscriptions Toward the Fund for the Relief of the Distressed Operatives [Weavers] in Lancashire, &c, &c.


[around Springfield, Lot 67]

Thomas Haslam,

William Haslam,

Joseph Haslam,

John Haslam,

Benjamin Haslam,

Benjamin Haslam, sen.,

John Bigger,

Thomas Bigger,

Mrs. S. Haslam,

Donald McLeod,

A Friend,

Richard Elliot,

Peter Sinclair,

Samuel Haslam,

Thomas Frizzel,

Arch. Ferguson,

John McKenzie,

Robert Haslam,

Alex. McKenzie,

Samuel Harding,

Alex. Sharpe,

John Harding,

William Dunbar,

Robert Frizzel,

John Sinclair,

Donald McLellan,

Charles Dunn,

John Croskan,

Thomas Bell,

Hector McKay,

Hugh Kidd,

John McCambridge,

Bernard Croskan (Croken?)

Alex M'Kay,

Joseph Maine,

William Bowness,

James Bowness,

William Sharpe,

Paul Thomson,

Isaac Day,

Hugh Jepp,

Robert Sharpe,

James Stuart,

Herbert Hogg,

Jane Hogg,

Hugh McLeod,

Edward Woodside,

James Glover,

James Johnston,

John Chisholm,

John Sharpe,

Donald Sinclair,

George Sharpe,

John Bowness,

Thomas Haslam, jr.,

John McKay,

John Currie,

James Currie,

James Holm(e)s,

James Bigger,

Donald McSwaine,

William McLeure,

Robert Goss,

Edwin Craswell

Henry Goss,

John Mugford,

Archd. Holmes,

John McDowell,

Samuel McDowell,

David McDowell,

Alex. McDowell,

Charles Arthur,

James McDowell,

Peter Thomson,

Joshua Murray,

William McKay,

John Holmes.


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