Pupils: Prince Of Wales' Grammar School, 1864

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Pupils: Prince Of Wales' Grammar School, 1864.

From the Journal of the House of Assembly of Prince Edward Island, 1864.

Appendix R

Names of Pupils attending the Prince of Wales' Grammar School, in 1864.

1. Eustace Haviland, T.
2. Charles F. Yates, T.
3. William Haszard, T.
4. Francis Haszard, C.
5. Henry Longworth, T.
6. David Longworth, T.
7. John H. Winsloe, T.
8. Arthur Holroyd, C.
9. Edward McGowan, T.
10. George W. DeBlois, T.
11. James H. Reddin, T.
12. Francis T. Dean, T.
13. James McNeill T.
14. W. N. LePage, T.
15. D. R. McLennan, T.
16. Herbert Beer, T.
17. Samuel Stumbles, T.
18. William Purdie, T.
19. L. F. Jones, T.
20. John E. Haszard, T.
21. Robert Haviland, T.
22. William Dean T.
23. Coun Rankin, T.
24. Arthur J. Hobkirk, T.
25. Robert De Blois, T.
26. James Palmer, T.
27. Edward Palmer, T.
28. Joseph Seller, C.
29. Brenton Longworth, T.
30. Benjamin Bremner, T.
31. Frederick Binns, T.
32. Charles Mutch, T.
33. John Brewster, T.
34. Montague Aldous, T.
35. Albert Yates, T.
36. John Bovyer, T.
37. Alfred Winsloe, T.
38. Samuel Nelson, T.
39. Charles Heard, T.
40. J. H. Smith, C.
41. William Sutherland T.
Total 41; Town 37; Country 4
(signed) L. G. McNeill, Teacher.

Names of the Pupils in Prince of Wales' College B Session 1864
Appendix (R)

l. Rowan R. FitzGerald, T.
2. Sidney D. FitzGerald, T.
3. Minnitt FitzGerald, T.
4. Thomas I. Rogers, C.
5. P. S McGowan, C.
6. John J. Cameron, C.
7. John Arbuckle, T.
8. Daniel H. Cogswell, C.
9. William R. Watson, T.
10. Richard R. Jost, T.
11. James McD. Inglis, T.
12. William C. DesBrisay, T.
13. Edward H. Ladner, T.
14. George W. McLeod, C.
15. Alexander McRae, C.
16. James Crosby, C.
17. Donald Darrach, C.
18. Hugh R. Dalgleish T.
19. Alexander Ross, C.
20. Henry Cook, T.
21. Robert Purdie T.
22. Henry A. Forbes, C.
Total, 22; Town, 12; Country, 10.
Alex. Inglis, Professor.

T. stands for town and C. for country

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