Pro - Confederation Petition to the House of Assembly, 1866

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Pro - Confederation Petition to the House of Assembly, 1866

From The Examiner, June 18, 1866.

An address to certain members of the House of Assembly who have supported Union of the British North American Provinces.


"The firm, consistent stand which you have made, in the House of Assembly, in its late Session, against what we consider to have been the mistaken policy of the majority of our local Legislators, in a matter of such importance as the proposed Union of the British North American Provinces, has our unqualified approval and merits our warmest thanks....

"In begging you again, gentlemen, to accept our thanks, we entertain the conviction that the time is not far distant when the Provinces of British North America, united on just and equitable principles, will maintain their position among the nations of the world, and cement more strongly their connection with the Parent State...."


T. H. Haviland, Mayor of Charlottetown,

L. Carvell,

J. Picton Beete, J P., late Major 54th Regt

J. Lawson, City Recorder of Charlottetown,

William Heard, J. P.,

J. S. Carvell,

Theoph. DesBrisay, J. P.,

W. B. Dawson,

W. E. Dawson, J. P.,

Malcolm McLeod,

Elez. D. Gauvreau, M. D.,

A. Mitchell,

G. W. DeBlois, J. P.,

H. J. Cundall,

Thomas Morris,

Silas Barnard,

J. Roberts Eckart,

Capt. James Kelly,

Wm. Cundall, J. P.,

Philip T. Robin,

Neil Rankin, J. P.,

Wm. Welsh,

John Quirk,

Simon Davies,

George Alley,

J. T. Jenkins, M. R. C. S.,

Rev. George Sutherland,

A. H. Yates, C. C.,

John Morris, J. P.,

W. C. Harris,

William Swabey, J. P.,

W. R. Watson, J. P.,

R. B. Irving,

Donald McRae,

John Trenaman, J. P.,

Wm. McGill, J. P.,

F. W. Hughes,

C. A. Hyndman,

James P. Douse,

Thomas Pethick, J. P.,

W. T. Pethick,

James DesBrisay,

D(?). J. Richardson,

R. W. Brecken,

Watson Duchemin,

Robert May,

Thomas Alley,

L. C. Jenkins, D. C. L.,

Wm. Crabb, jr.,

H. A. Johnson, M. D.,

Richard Slogget,

Arch. McNeill,

Thos. DesBrisay,

Stephen Swabey,

James McGill,

R. Wilson Higgs,

A. W. Owen,

W. C. Bourke,

Angus McLeod,

James Davis,

George Corbet,

Robt. Hyndman, J. P.,

Lemuel McKay,

T. Stewart,

John Davis, Baptist Minister,

Alex'r McKenzie,

W. H. Hobkirk, M. D.,

D. Wilson,

William S. McGowan, J. P.,

William Paul,

Seth Shaw, B. A.,

George Munro,

Arch. Kennedy,

E. Younghusband,

Robt. A. Fellowes,

Thomas Young,

James Laird, jr.

George Nicoll,

George L. Dogherty,

Rev. William Ross,

John Fenton Newbery,

Edward A. Newbery,

John Rendle,

J. P. Irving,

John Higgins,

Robert Rennie,

George Forrest,

Edward Chandler,

Sampson Farquharson,

John E. Alleyne, J. P.,

John Gillan,

Samuel Martin, sen.,

Rev. W. Stewart, B. A.,

Bertram Moore.

Charlottetown, May 24, 1866.

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