Road Commissioners, 1867

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Road Commissioners, 1867

From The Examiner, April 29, 1867.

We understand that the following persons have been appointed Road Commissioners for the Island: -

PRINCE COUNTY - Hubert Gaudet, Lot 2; Richard Keefe, Alberton; Peter Doyle, Lot 7; John Callaghan, Lot 11; William Gallant, Lot 16; Neil McNeill, Lot 14; William Lefurgy, Traveller's Rest; Donald S. McKay, Ferry, Lot 18; James Wright, Bedeque; Jacob Gouldroup, Tryon River; Thomas Crabb, Summerside.

KING'S COUNTY - Daniel Sinnott, Morell; Rob't McCallum, St. Peter's Bay; Ronald McDonald, (Blue), Bear River; Lawrence Peters, Bay Fortune; John Kennedy, West River, East Point; Thomas Clay, Dundas; W. P. Lewis, Cardigan River; James Dewar, New Perth; Thomas Annear, Montague; Henry Sencabaugh, Murray Harbor; Daniel McLaren, Georgetown Royalty.

QUEEN'S COUNTY - Samuel Durant, New London; Murdoch Lamont, Lot 22; Chas. Dickieson, New Glasgow; Laughlan McMillan, Brackley Point; Donald McKinnon, DeSable; Patrick Wynne, Lot 31; Francis McQuaid, Dunstaffnage; Patrick Hughes, Fort Augustus; John Jenkins, Lot 49; John Anderson, Uigg; Duncan Taylor, Wood Islands; John Williams, Charlottetown; Ned McLaughlan, Long Creek, Lot 65.

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