King's County Fair and Exhibition, 1869

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King's County Fair and Exhibition

From the Examiner, Oct. 11, 1869.

The King's County Fair and Exhibition was held at Georgetown on Wednesday and Thursday last. Below will be found a list of the successful competitors, which we take from Saturday's Patriot:--

Live stock - Horses

Best Entire Horse, of any age or Breed - William Sinnott, Morrel.
2nd do do - John Steele, Little Pond.
Best Mare, of any age or breed - Donald J. Walker, Launching.
Best Mare with her foal - Paul Lawless, Launching.
2nd do do - John Morrison, Grand River.
Best Draught filly under three years - Wm Moar, Brudenell.
2nd do do - Nath'l Taylor, Grand River.
Best Carriage Filly , do - James Dewar, Brudenell.
Best Entire Colt, do. - Edward Thornton, Lot 59.
2nd do do - Edward Webster, St. Peter's.


Best Bull of any age over three years - Arch Campbell, Rollo Bay.
2nd do do do -William Thompson, Montague.
Best Bull, under three years - Alex. Hamilton, New Perth.
Best Cow, in Milk - Thomas Baldwin, Baldwin's Road.
2nd do do - Charles Clay, Dundas.
Best Heifer under three years - do do.
Best Fat Cow - Hon. Dr. Kaye.
Judges of Horses and Cattle - Thomas Revel, Grand River; William Bowley, St. Peter's; Geo. Moar, Georgetown; John McDonald, Launching Pond; John Clark, Sturgeon; Angus McDonald, Little Pond.


Best Ram of any age - John Nicoll, Grand River.
2nd do do - George Moar, Georgetown.
Best Ram Lamb - John Nicoll, Grand River.
2n do do - John McDonald, New Perth.
Best Pen of three Ewe Lambs - Thomas Annear, Montague.
2nd do do - John Hamilton, New Perth.


Best Boar Pig - Charles Clay, Dundas.
2nd do do - Robert McCormack, Grand River.
Best Breeding Sow - Patrick Dogherty, Morell.
2nd do do - James Moar, New Perth.
Best Pen 3 Pigs under 6 months - Dan. McDonald, New Perth.
Best Fat Pig - Andrew McLure, Murray Harbour North.
2nd do do - John Smith, Georgetown.


Best pair Turkeys - Miss Mary McDonald, Georgetown.
Best 3 Spring Geese - John McAvoy, Georgetown.
Best 3 Ducks - Lonzo Lavers, Georgetown.
Judges for Sheep, Pigs, and Poultry - William Johnston, Montague; George Mellish, Baldwin's road; Edward Webster, St. Peter's; D. B. MacPhee, Georgetown; Donald J. Walker, Launching.


(Prize List not yet obtained.)


Best bushel Peas - D. Stewart, Brudenell.

Grass Seeds

Best Bushel Timothy Seed - Jos. Compton, Lot 51.
2nd do do - Thomas Cameron, Georgetown.
Best 28 lbs. Clover Seed - John Smith, New Perth.

Roots and Vegetables

Best doz. Turnips - John Nicoll, Grand River.
do do Carrots- Manoah Rowe, Montague.
do do Parsnips, do do
do do Globe beets, do do
do do Onions, do do
do do Cabbages - Michael Burke, Georgetown.
do do Celery - Mrs. R. B. Thomas, Montague.
do do Tomatoes - Alex J. McDonald, Georgetown.
Best Squash - Charles Aitken, Bay Fortune.
Best Pumpkin - Mrs. A. J. McDonald, Georgetown.
Best three Caulifowers - Mrs. Thomas, Montague.


Best 1/2 bushel Regents - Mrs. Thomas, Montague.
do do Jackson Whites - Thomas Annear, Montague.
do do Calicoes - William McLaren, Baldwin's Road.
do do Assorted - Michael Flinn, Georgetown.


Best Basket Cooking Apples - Mrs. D. Robertson, Montague.
2nd do - Neil Shaw, Montague.
Best Basket Eating Apples - A. C. McDonald, Montague.
2nd do - Johnston Aiken, Montague.
Best Sample Plums - John Kearney, Georgetown.


Best box - Charles Clay, Dundas.

Butter and Cheese

Best tub Butter - Mrs. R. B. Thomas, Montague.
2nd do - Miss Christy McDonald, Little Pond.
3rd do - John Hamilton, New Perth.

Carriages and Sleighs

Best Double Waggon, William Sterns, Morell.
do Single do - James W. Mills, Bay Fortune.
2nd Best do - Wm. Sterns, Morell.
Best Express Waggon - William Sterns, Morell.
Best Single Sleigh - William Sterns, Morell.

Farming Implements

Best Wood Plough - Archibald Minchin, New Perth.
Wood Plough, honorable mention - John Hamilton, New Perth.
Best Set Harrows - D. B. McPhee, Georgetown.
Best Cultivator - James Campbell, Montague.
Best Horse Rake - George Moar, Georgetown.
Best Manure Fork - D. A. Martin, Union Road.
Manure Fork, honorable mention - Joseph MacKinnon, Naufrage.
Best Hay Fork - David Minchin, New Perth.
Best Stumping Hoe - Paul Hennessey, Georgetown.

Edge Tools

Best Broad Axe - Paul Hennessey, Georgetown.
Best Narrow Axe -Alex. Campbell, Montague.


Best Side Neats Leather - E. Wickwire, Georgetown.
Best Grain Leather - E. Wickwire, Georgetown.
Best Calf Skin Leather - E. Wickwire, Georgetown.
Best Grain Calf Skin - E. Wickwire, Georgetown.
Best Harness Leather - E. Wickwire, Georgetown.
Best Sleigh Robe - Jas. N. Cogswell, Georgetown.
Calf Fur Skin, recommended -E. Wickwire, Georgetown.

Boots & Shoes

Best pair Calf Boots - Dan. Compton, Georgetown.
Best pair Ladies' Boots - Dan. Compton, Georgetown.


Best Set Silver Mounted Carriage - Angus MacLean, Georgetown.
Best Set Brass Mounted Carriage - Angus MacLean, Georgetown.
Best Riding Saddle - Alex. Walker, Georgetown.

Textile Fabrics in Wool

Best Black Cloth, all wool - E. Poole, Roseneath.
2nd do do - Robert Dewar, Montague.
Best Grey do do - James Needham, Bay Fortune.
2nd do do do - Mrs. P. D. Campbell, New Perth.
Best Women's Wear, plain - Miss Martha MacDonald, Launching.
2nd do do do - Mrs. J. Scrimgeour, Cardigan.
Best do Fancy - Miss Mary MacCormack, Little Pond.
2nd do do - Mrs. J. Needham, Bay Fortune.
Best Mixed Fabric Drugget - Mrs. John McNeill, New Perth.
2nd do do - Mrs. James Dewar, Brudenell.
Best Fancy Shirting - Mrs. Alexander Robertson, Brudenell.
2nd do do - Mrs. J. Dewar, New Perth.
Best White Flannel, twilled - Mrs. Maurice Walsh, Town Road.
2nd do do - Miss Phebe Campbell, Montague.
Best Carpeting - Mrs. Donald Stewart, Cardigan.
2nd do - Mrs. Peter Stewart, Brudenell.
Best Gent's Plaid - Miss Sarah McLeod, St. Peter's.
2nd do do - Peter McLeod, Murray Harbor.
Best Lady's shawl - Miss Annie J. Campbell, Three Rivers.
2nd do do - Mrs. George McInnis, St. Peter's.
Best Horse Rug - Mrs. W. Thompson, Montague.
Best Pair Blankets - Mrs. Maurice Walsh, Town Road.
Best Counterpane - Mrs. Charles Clay, Dundas.
Best Hearth Rug, all wool - Miss Mary Walker, Launching.
Best Hearth Rug, mixed material - Mrs. A. W. LeBrocq, Georgetown.
2nd do do - Miss Poole, Montague.
Best Door Mat - Miss Poole, Montague.
Judges of Textile Fabrics in wool - Allan Morrison, Georgetown; Anthony McCormack, St. Peter's; William Sterns, Morell; John Frost, Grand River; Michael McCormack, Souris.

Knit Goods

Best pair Men's Drawers - Peter McLeod, Murray Harbor.
do Men's Undershirt - Mrs. Terrio, Georgetown.
do 4 pair Socks - Mrs. Josiah McNeill, New Perth.
do pair Winter Gloves-Mrs Josiah McNeill, New Perth.
do pair Mitts - Miss Mary McDonald, Georgetown.
do collection of Knit Work - Mrs. Josiah McNeill, New Perth.
Best Sample of Bead and Needle Work- Mrs. A. A. McDonald, Georgetown.
Sample Woolen Yarn, honorable mention and prize - Mrs. George McInnis, St. Peter's.
Assortment - Gent's Cap, Fur Hood, Tippet, Child's Hood and Mittens, honorable mention and
prize - Mrs. E. Lane, New Perth.
Knit Skirt (wool) honorable mention and prize -Mrs. Terrio, Georgetown.

Flax Manufactures

Best Sample Grain Sacks - Mrs. William McLaren, Baldwin's Road.
Best ½ dozen Towels - Miss Mary Walker, Launching.
Best Table cloth - Mrs. John Stewart, Red Point, Lot 46.
Best pair Linen Sheets - Miss Mary McDonald, Narrow's Creek.
Sample Scutched Flax, honorable mention and prize - Mrs. P. D. Campbell, New Perth.
Judges of Flax Manufactures and Knit Goods - Mrs. Alex. Robertson, Brudenell; Mrs. John MacDonald, New Perth; Mrs. John Holland, Georgetown Royalty.


Best bbl. Mackerel (from Sch. Arrow) - Arch'd D. McDonald, Georgetown.
do collection tinware - D. F. Kennedy, Georgetown.
do suit Homespun Clothes - Allan Morrison, Georgetown
do Window Sash and Frame - Daniel Morrison, Georgetown Royalty.
do collection Baskets -John Lane, New Perth.
Collection of Baskets, honorable mention - Louis Hubert, Georgetown.
Padlock, honorable mention and prize - Andrew Mooney, Green Vale, Lot 46.
Axe Handles, honorable mention - Duncan Gillis, Gaspereaux.

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