Railway Stations, 1875

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

Railway Stations 1875.

As printed in May 17, 1875. The Examiner

* marks a principal station; the others are flag stations.

On the Main Trunk Road:

*Cascumpec, Dock Road, Bloomfield, Mill River, *O=Leary, Brae, Portage, Conway, Ellerslie, *Port Hill, Northam, Richmond, *Wellington, St. Nicholas, Miscouche, *Summerside, Traveller=s Rest, New Annan, Barbara Weit, *Kensington, Blue Shank, Freetown, County Line, Bradalbyn, Elliot=s, Fredericton, Clyde, *Hunter River, *North Wiltshire, Colville, Royalist (Loyalist?), Milton, Wiltshire,*Royalty Junction, Cemetery,*Charlottetown, Brackley Point, Union, York, Suffolk, Tracadie, *Mount Stewart, Pisquid, Peake=s, Baldwin=s, Perth, *Cardigan, Brudenell, *Georgetown.

Stations on the Souris Branch:

Douglas, Dundee, Morell, Lot 40. Marie, *St. Peter=s, Five Houses, Ashton, Selkirk, Rollo Bay, Bear River, New Zealand, Harmony, *Souris.

Stations on the Tignish Branch:

*Alberton, Montrose, Kildare, DeBlois, Harper=s, *Tignish.

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