The Historical Society, as printed in The Daily Examiner for September 13, 1881.

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The Historical Society, as printed in The Daily Examiner for September 13, 1881.


The following invitation was addressed to the leading citizens of Charlottetown: -

September 10, 1881.

SIR, - You are respectfully requested to be present at a meeting in the Legislative Library, on Monday, the 12th instant, at 4 o'clock, p. m., to take into consideration the propriety of forming an Historical Society for Prince Edward Island.

The Corresponding Secretary of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, J. T. Bulmer, Esq., will be present, and give all information as to the objects, working, etc., of such societies, and the progress made in that Province.

His Honor Governor Haviland will preside.


In response thereto, the following gentlemen met at the specified time and place: -- His Honor Chief Justice Palmer, Hon. L.H. Davies, Hon. Frederick De St. Croix Brecken, Hon. Benjamin Davies, Hon. Donald Ferguson, Hon. Andrew A. Macdonald, Rev. G. W. Hodgson, Rev. Kenneth McLennan, Rev. D. G. McDonald, Rev. Donald McNeill, Rev. John Harris, Rev. R. D. Bambrick, Rev. Alfred Osborne, Judge Alley, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Blanchard, Owen Connolly, Wm. Heard, E. J, Hodgson, W. L. Cotton, John LePage, James Byrne, Henry Lawson, P. R. Bowers, H. J. Cundall, W. R. Watson, D. Montgomery, John Ball, J. W. Morrison, T. McKinlay, Charles Palmer, Archd. McNeill, Charles C. Gardiner, Frank W. Beer, T. A. LePage, Malcolm McLeod, F. W. Hales, Henry C. Blatch, James Brown, and W. C. DesBrisay, Esquires.

On motion of Judge Alley, the Chief Justice, in the absence of the Lieutenant Governor was called to the chair, and the undersigned was appointed Secretary.

The Chairman after stating briefly the object of the meeting, called on J. T. Bulmer, Esq., to give an address.

In his remarks, Mr. Bulmer referred to the importance of preserving the records of a country, and to the necessity of an Historical Society to see that this be regularly done and not left to chance. He spoke of the valuable materials of history in possession of the Massachusetts Historical Society and that of Quebec. He narrated the efforts that had been made to found one for Nova Scotia previous to 1878, when the present Society was established. He regretted the great loss that had arisen to the Province, from the want of such an institution at an earlier time, and felt it of the greatest importance that an Historical Society for P. E. Island should at once be organized.

His Honor the Lieutenant Governor now arrived, and took the chair, the Chief Justice retiring.

After some remarks by E. J. Hodgson, Esq., Hon. H. L. Davies, and Judge Alley, which touched on some facts of our early history and on the existence of important documents in the possession of private parties, the following resolution was pro- posed by Hon. D. Ferguson, and seconded by Hon. L. H. Davies.

Resolved, That in the opinion of this meeting it is desirable to form an Historical Society for Prince Edward Island, and that this meeting do now proceed to elect officers therefor, which shall consist of a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Council of Five.

This passed with the consent of all. A committee, consisting of Judge Alley, Hon. D. Ferguson, and Wm. Heard, Esq., was appointed to solicit names to form, in conjunction with the names appended, the original membership of the Society.

Signatures were then asked to the following: -

"The undersigned hereby agree to form themselves into an Historical Society for Prince Edward Island, and agree to pay an entrance fee of five dollars, and an annual subscription of two dollars, or such other annual sum as may afterwards be determined by the Society."

The signatures were then attached of : B T. Heath Haviland, Edward Palmer (sen.), M. McLeod, Edward J. Hodgson, L. H. Davies, Owen Connolly, James Byrne, Charles C. Gardner, Wm. Heard, W. L. Cotton, T. A. LePage, F. W. Beer, Dr. Taylor, Frederick Brecken, A. McNeill, William C. DesBrisay, George Alley, R. D. Bambrick, Wm. R. Watson, Henry Lawson, John W. Morrison, A. A. McDonald, John Ball, T. McKinlay, P. R. Bowers, Chas. Palmer, D. Ferguson, George W. Hodgson, F. W. Hales, H. J. Cundall, D. Montgomery.

The name of Judge Young was also added, he having been unable to attend, but having sent a note expressing his interest in the formation of such a society, and his readiness to subscribe ten dollars or twenty dollars to the necessary expenses.

The members present then proceeded to the election of officers. The following were chosen:

President - His Honor Governor Haviland.
Vice-President - His Lordship Chief Justice Palmer.
Treasurer - Charles Palmer, Esq.
Recording Secretary - Mr. T. A. Lepage.
Committee - Judge Alley, Rev. G. W. Hodgson, Malcolm McLeod, Esq., Hon. A. A. McDonald, P. R. Bowers, Esq.

It was understood that the President, Vice-President and Treasurer be also members of Committee.

The appointment of a Corresponding Secretary was left to the Committee above named.

A vote of thanks was passed and presented to Mr. Bulmer for his presence at the meeting, for his interest in the establishment of the Society, and for the useful information he had to give as to the methods and working of the kindred Society of Nova Scotia.

A vote of thanks was also tendered to the Lieutenant Governor for presiding over the meeting. Acknowledgments being rendered, the meeting adjourned.


Daily Examiner for September 16, 1881. The committee appointed to obtain additional names for the roll of original members of the historical Society have already secured the signatures of the following gentlemen, and the list is still open: -

Hon. Joseph Pope, James D. Irving, Arthur Newbery, Owen Curtis, Artemas Lord, Mark Butcher, James Currie, H. McKenna, George Bremner, J. D. McLeod, J. A. Carman (subscribes a collection of newspapers and pamphlets), David Sterling, Paul Lea, James McLeod, Thomas A. McLean (City Councillor), John Gahan, John Coombs, Wm. Koughan, Thomas Handrahan, George Peake, T. C. James, Thomas W. May, C. D. Rankin, Simon W. Crabbe, Frank D. Beer, L. L. Beer, Hon, John Longworth, J. R. Brecken, James Peake, R. Harris, F. L. Haszard, Henry Beer, and a number of others obtained by Judge Alley, which we shall endeavor to procure for publication tomorrow.

The collection donated by Mr. Carman comprises a fyle of Island newspapers dating from the year 1818 and a fyle of Almanacs from 1824.

September 17, 1881. The Historical Society Since the meeting on Monday last, the following gentlemen have become members of the Historical society, in addition to those whose names were published in our columns yesterday: -

Senator Howlan, A. A. McLean, D. C. McLeod, W. A. O. Morson, H. J. Callbeck, W. D. Stewart, John Newson, R. R. Fitzgerald, James W. Howe, Judge Hensley, William Kennedy, Henry Blatch, Leslie McNutt, Neil McLeod, W. H. Bremner, Judge Reddin, John S. McDonald, J. Hunter Duvar, David B. Stewart, James M. Sutherland, D. C. Martin, George Howatt, Dr. Johnston, Dr. Dawson, Dr. Bagnall, Thomas J. Harris, Fredk. W. Hughes.

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