New Vessel Registrations, 1881

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Submitted by Christine Gorman

As printed in the Daily Examiner, Charlottetown, P. E. Island, January 9, 1882.

Ships 1881


Schooner Harriet Torrey, built at Essex, Mass., Dennis Costello, of Bear River, King’s Co., registered managing owner.

Schooner Minnie E, Mount Stewart, John Aylward, of Southport.

Schooner Cameleon, Essex, Mass, Frank T. Dean, Charlottetown.

Schooner A. McRae, Pinette, Benj. Rogers, Alberton.

Schooner Surprise, New Glasgow, Jas. Laird, New Glasgow.

Schooner Montague, Murray Harbor, Chas. Hayden, Montague Bridge.

Schooner Frank, Cascumpec, Peter Gavin, Alberton.

Barque Joe Read, Summerside, 10 A1, John Lefurgey, Summerside.

Schooner J J Bill, Sable River, N. S., David Small, Charlottetown.

Brigantine Feodore, Summerside, John Aylward, Southport.

Schooner Western Light, East Lynn, Conn., John A. Matheson, Campbelton.

Brigantine Alaska, Montague 9 A, George Wightman, Montague Bridge.

Schooner Morning Light, Essex, Mass., Jas. Grady, Summerside, (since transferred to D. S. McNutt, Malpeque.)

Barque Parthenia, Bideford, 10 A 1, Wm. Richards, of Bideford.

Schooner Rustic, Pugwash, N. S., John Gillis, Charlottetown.

Schooner (3 masted) Wenonah, Lot 10, 9 A, John Yeo, Port Hill.

Barkentine Elcho, Mount Stewart, 9 A, J. R. Rourke, Mount Stewart.

Schooner Mary Queen, Fifteen Point, Geo. D. Longworth, Charlottetown.

Schooner Three Brothers, Cheticamp, N. S., S. B. Moore, Egmont Bay.

Schooner Lois, Marblehead, Mass., Ronald Campbell, Summerside.

Brigt New Era, Georgetown, Daniel Gordon, Georgetown.

Brig Elsie, Souris, 9 A1, Lemuel C. Owen, Charlottetown.

Schooner Camelia, Cardigan Bridge, 5 A, James E. McDonald, Cardigan Bridge.

Schooner (3 masted) Harry, Summerside, 10 A, Wm. Richards.

Barkentine Olivette, Bideford, 10 A, Wm. Richards, Bideford.

Barque Eugenie, Cascumpec, 10 A, Michael Foley, Charlottetown.

Brigt Birdie, Lot 11, Geo. W. Howlan, Cascumpec.

Total tons registered - vessels 27, tons 5,446.

Average tons new vessels 290.

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